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Replace AP6212 by AP6236 on cubietruck

Started by PaddleStroke, June 20, 2019, 03:06:59 am

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Hi there,
I am using a cubietruck for a project on which I need wifi and BT.

The use of bt 4.2 instead 4.0 would be great for my project.

So I have been looking at the AP6212 alternatives and found one module the AP6236 which is pin to pin compatible and support bt 4.2!

So my plan is to replace the AP6212 with the AP6236 module with hot air solder station.

Question is, will it work out of the boxe on the software end? Or does it need to modify some drivers?



Wow, you are adventurous!  Or very skilled.

Hopefully someone here can help, but over on the Fedora ARM where they have lots of experience with ARM SOC with special wifi and BT that require custom kernels (this problem seems to be endemic in the arm community), they just go with a USB device.  And this is what I have done the few times I have needed this.