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Image not booting from microSD

Started by tman, July 08, 2013, 09:21:24 am

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Default Android installed on internal memory works fine on my A20 device.

My SD card is an 32GB Samsung microSDHC UHS-I card (class 10). The card does get detected when I plug it in when Android is running.

I tried Debian Wheezy with LXDE [1] and the Ubuntu/Linaro SD image from cubieboard.org [2]. After copying the image to my SD card with dd, and putting it in the SD card slot on my Cubieboard, only the red LED turns on. The other LEDs stay off and my 1080p screen remains black.

[1] https://www.miniand.com/forums/forums/development/topics/debian-wheezy-lxde-armhf-build
[2] http://cubieboard.org/download/


These are A10 builds.  You need to get an A20 build.  Any thread older than about 1 month will be about an A10.


Okay, do you happen to have any links for A20 builds? I prefer a Debian-based distro with GUI (for SD installation).



You can also use the writesd utility to create an A20 bootable image from A10 images (as long as they have separate boot/root partitions; it can be used on single-partition builds as well with some modification).