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installing ubuntu to cubietruck plus NAND or SD card

Started by kodtycoon, October 17, 2016, 11:59:15 am

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hi, new to the forum. i have a question regarding the instillation of any linux distro (preferably ubuntu) to the nand of the cubietruck  plus or SD card.

from digging around ive found out most of the linux based OS's arent compatible, the closest ive found that may work is this,, but it has to be installed on NAND, however i dont have a bootable SD card to access NAND and cant seem to get one to work.

If anyone could help with regard getting the cubietruck plus up and running with any linux distro, whether its on NAND or SD, that would be very helpful. thank you.


You need to download!0gREnYCQ!dBuYl9YgMP8r2Diw_BuStg!MlI0VZhA
After you have moved the img with dd to a sdcard, you can upgrade the linaro os to Ubuntu 16.04.
that how it worked with my cubie5.
but that was the only way to install a fresh new os. i was not able to install fedora or something like that


some problem

phoenix suit drivers are failed if i upgrade the system....only img. format is possible....cubietruck 5 is shutting down suddly thats all

i have no mather how to delete the android on nand (full of bugs) and install ubuntu on it or the attached 2,5" SATA that is not driven


Thank you! very nice, clear and helpful post. keep posting more articles on DevOps Training