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USB-OTG as Slave Serial Comunication

Started by nasa, October 12, 2015, 08:19:39 am

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hi all,

I newbie in cubieboard v2 (CB2) and linux, and i wondering if i can use
the usb-otg port to power the CB2 AND to transfer data between
my Windows PC and CB2 as a serial master-slave comunication.

I need the USB-OTG, when plugged in Windows PC, to appear as an USB-to-Serial
device, so my MASTER application will connect to it as COM port (COM1, COM2 .. COMx)

On the CB2 side, my SLAVE application need to listen and respond to commands using a ttyUSB
serial name. so the USB-OTG port need to be configured as an USB-to-SERIAL too.

WINDOWS(COMx) <------USB-OTG--POWER and DATA on same cable---------> CB2(ttyUSB) 
(MASTER APP)                                                                                                         (SLAVE APP)

Is it Possible without any fisical modification? what i need to do? easy way please.