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FungoBoard: support for HDD 2.5'' for cubie (a-10 and -20)

Started by premoboard, November 09, 2014, 12:18:34 pm

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November 09, 2014, 12:18:34 pm Last Edit: November 09, 2014, 12:23:07 pm by premoboard
I was tired by long cables snaking around my cubie, so i develop a support board for HDD 2.5''.
It minimize the volume and can be easely addedd to cubieboard.

Here how it is alone

and here together with PremoBoard and Cubieboard

The used volume is minimized, no extra wires around, all acts as a compact block.

A couple of prototype works well, we are planning to offer for sale. Came to for details.


I do not see any suggested pricing for this on your site.  Please advise.

The way you designed this, I cannot build a tower of Cubies.  Check out:,2965.0.html

Think about how you can put standoffs under for at least a 'stand. but also to attach to the next Cubie.


Price should be around 20-25Euro. There is a lot of manuality to prepare it:

- SATA plug is 180 degree routed and pins must be reversed by hand,
- printed circuit must be done and cut
- red plate must be cutted and holed (with right conic degree)
- support for SATA plug (you don't see in picture: they are fixed to the 2 little screws upper in 1st picture )
- precision in hand soldering is needed (i don't to it, a skilled man provide for)

this is a prototype and works well, but i am thinking to do another version more fast and cheap to be done (i.e. to do the red plate with 3D printer).

about "column of cubies": this HDD support is not made with that scope in mind, the final scope is the second picture you see (HDD+PremoBoard+Cubieboard). I had 2 little rectangular plexiglass plate screwed to HDD to act as "feet" and avoid HDD stands directly on table.

PS: i see you "column of cubies". an alternative is to take a "block" (block = cublieboad+fungoboard), rotate it 90 degree (so the cubie double usb ports "looks the sky") and create a support to take blocks in that way. my 2 cents.