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Linux platform LiveSuitV3.05 - Instructions - English translation.

Started by inkyfingers, May 17, 2013, 09:30:03 pm

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It was really good to find Linux platform LiveSuitV3.05 from http://dl.cubieboard.org/software/tools/linux/, as I have no Windows. It worked for me on a fresh hard drive install of xubuntu 12.04. The download includes a README.pdf but, to start with, I found the translation from Chinese hard work.
Here is a translation based on Google-translate.
The copy is mostly automatic translation, I have no Chinese. I left passages of irregular English, rather than have my guess further obscure! Parts not-yet-corrected are in red.

LiveSuit requires an OS with dkms. If you do not have dkms, best to fully update and restart, then install dkms before starting with LiveSuit. This done, for me, the install of awdev-dkms was automatic.

Linux platform LiveSuitV3.05 tool instructions


LiveSuitV3.05 supports several common distributions including Ubuntu, Fedora, Redhat, CentOS Linux 
Release of the driver has good support for kernel 3.0 or later.

Installation Guide:

1. Binary executable file LiveSuit.run.
If the file does not have execute permissions, in a terminal use the command:
chmod + x LiveSuit.run
to add executable permissions for the file.

2. Open a terminal, enter
to run setup
If prompted to the lack of dkms module, Ubuntu users use the command:
sudo apt-get install dkms
to install dkms.

Other release users use yum install or network download the corresponding own version of dkms install.

3. Installation in the Bin directory of the current user's Home directory: ~/Bin.
Program directory under, awdev-dkms_0.4_all.deb is the file corresponding to the Ubuntu distribution version of the driver installation package, the user shall be such that after updating the kernel
Reinstall the driver with the command:
dpkg -i awdev-dkms_0.4_all.deb
Redhat system release, then the
Reinstall the driver using the command:
rpm -ivh awdev-0.4-1dkms.noarch.rpm --force

4.After installing the program, manually reboot the operating system for the driver to take effect.
Into the program directory and enter the command
to run LiveSuit.

Ubuntu release add udev rules as follows, so that you do not need root privileges to read and write hardware equipment:

i open the terminal and type
sudo vim /etc/udev/rules.d/10-local.rules

ii enter the following udev rules. Remember to replace test (in GROUP = "test") with the user group of the current user.

SUBSYSTEM! = "Usb_device", ACTION! = "Add", GOTO = "objdev_rules_end"
# USBasp
ATTRS {idVendor} == "1f3a", ATTRS {idProduct} == "efe8", GROUP = "test",
MODE = "0666"
LABEL = "objdev_rules_end"

iii save and reboot the machine or restart udev service that can ordinary users to run LiveSuit.sh.
Restart the udev service with command:
sudo service udev restart.

The other releases please refer to related to udev and to Ubuntu10.04, add udev rules, for example, add their own udev rules.

If udev rules are not added, you need to sudo ./LiveSuit.sh command to run the program.
It is strongly recommended to add udev rules and a non-root user run the program, in order to avoid the root environment variable is not initialized interface bug.
And other unknown bug.

Brush firmware process, do not close the program or disconnect the device, in order to avoid damage to the hardware.


1. reserved driver installation directory backup file package:

Ubuntu platform installation package: awdev-dkms_0.4_all.deb

RedHat, Fedora, CentOS platform installation package: awdev-0.4-1dkms.noarch.rpm

2. If the updated kernel version, the driver does not automatically load, manually install a driver, the driver installation require root Limit.

3. Open a terminal,
For installation on Debian Series Ubuntu platform use the command:
sudo dpkg -i awdev-dkms_0.4_all.deb
For installation on RedHat, Fedora, CentOS platform use the command:
sudo rpm -ivh awdev-0.4-1dkms.noarch.rpm

4. Bug welcome feedback, mail yangcq at allwinnertech dot com.