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how can I make custom Image?

Started by emplab, September 13, 2014, 04:03:53 am

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I have cubieboardII. I compiled a custom kernel for it, and now I have uImage file for kernel.
How Can I put this custom image kernel to board?
Should I build new Image for it that use in phoenix tools?
How can I make a new Image with this kernel?
I'm confused.
Please help me.



I could find a link that useful for this purpose:

I run the steps in this link, but in last step I have an error.
Add partion very rootfs.fex ROOTFS_FEX000000
FilePath: rootfs.fex
FileLength=19000000 FileSizeHigh=0
The file sunxi_mbr.fex length = 0
BuildImg 400
Dragon execute image.cfg Failed ! ArgCnt = 3, 400

can anybody help me?


I have similar problem with it.
help plz.