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Cubieboard 2 as home server, done

Started by Liartes, May 04, 2014, 01:33:36 pm

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Hello everybody,

I bought a cubieboard 2 a month ago and since this time I read carefully this forum, looking for tips and improvements of my own personal server. Things are running well and I though it would be nice to share with you my little success :

Hardware :
Cubieboard 2 with CPU heatsink and 120Go 2,5" HDD gathered on a dead Aspire One. I use a 5V/2.1A power supply with the cubieboard power cable, it's stable. The cubieboard is connected on my ISP box with Ethernet cable.

System :
I use Slovenia's kickass custom Debian. First installed on SD card, then NAND copy, then HDD copy and finally booting from NAND with HDD as root filesystem. System run well :)

Services :
- Owncloud 6.0.3 for contacts and calendars sync; I'm trying to get my personnal datas back.
- Apache 2 with PHP for owncloud, and reverseproxy for the others services. SSL only !
- Transmission for... Transmission :p
- Monit to monitor the resources
- Madsonic for music streaming
- Samba shares to get/deposit file on the Cubieboard HDD.
- openvpn to access my network safely from anywhere

I am impressed by Cubieboard 2 capacities. I thought with Owncloud only the board would be at maximum capacity, but it handles really well. Even transcoding FLAC audio files to MP3 for Madsonic is under 60% CPU load.

Today is the 23rd day of uptime, and I am fond of my pocket server :)
Thanks community for all the good works !



yeahh, i'm making practically the same,

i will post my configuration when I finished,

but now, i have madsonic, samba, transmission and vsftp working very well, not fast but for my needs at home very surprised.


minidlna is also usefull if you have smart TV.


then HDD copy and finally booting from NAND with HDD as root filesystem.....