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USB OTG linux

Started by mt12345, March 20, 2013, 09:08:22 pm

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OTG can work as 'host' or 'device'. I believe one can change it in options in Android. How about linux?


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Did you ever find out? I would like to make use of g_ether to link to another cubieboard or pc but when I do sudo modprobe g_ether, it gives ERROR: could not insert 'g_ether': No such device
Can you please post samples of the relevant bits of script.fex for host mode, device mode and OTG mode.


--Have you seen this?


--I know it's not specifically for the cubie; might need one of the board developers to chime in here if it needs special config...


What's the proper way to configure and use the zero-th usb? I've seen there are kernel options to allow the USB0 to support host only or with added OTG support. Does the mode for this USB port also have to be configured in the fex file? It seems to work fine, but the upload transfer speed suffers a lot (12 MB/s upload to an external disk as opposed to a 24MB/s with the regular USB port).

It failed to support a USB sound card though.