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cubieboard2 wordpress performance

Started by chris d, March 02, 2014, 07:45:56 am

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chris d


I am using newest cubian with lighttpd, php5, mysql and newest wordpress.

I find the performance very low compared to hosted blog you get on wordpress.com.

Is it normal to have 20 seconds load time on a php page? This should happen in less than 1 second

Using top while loading the page show php is using less than 100 pct CPU time so I am not sure where the slow down is.

How to maximize the performance?


first, optimize mysql (my.cnf) and php-apc or opcode
20sec to 10sec or maybe 5sec

secondary: cache plugin, super cache ot w3

mysql replication (master-master or master-sec) if u have 2 servers

and last
realy static plugin, pure html without database mysql for frontend (like wordpress.com)
but not so easy admin (second url for admin backend)


Does wordpress have an sqlite plugin? I've found mysql to be rather huge and slow on ARM.  Also, what media are you running your web site and sql database on?  NAND? uSD?  SSD?  All these sql databases are disk intensive, and they perform a lot of I/O operations to ensure that data written to the DB file(s) are actually written out and not just cached in memory.  The faster your media, the faster the response.

chris d


Php-apc installed, maybe there was a slight difference, hard to measure.

Using wp super cache which makes static html pages it seems to be blazingly fast. Though then it is just html pages which of course should be fast.

I tried the sqlite plugin and it seems it is much faster than mysql.

The disk I am using is a microsd card, the class I don't know, though it definitely is not the fastest.

Cubian on NAND unfortunately never booted when I installed it there  :-[

I will purchase a new class 10 microsd card to speed up things a bit.

Thanks everyone.

chris d

So I finally received my class 10 micro sd card.

Wow, what a difference.

Load times are now less than 1 second with uncached php pages with php-apc and sqlite.

Very nice.