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LVDS connection to baseboard or cubieboard2

Started by gugelhupf, January 07, 2014, 05:04:01 pm

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Hello all,

I bought a LCD Module with a 20 Pin LVDS connector. I would like to connect this display to the cubieboard2 or the baseboard but unfortunately I do not know how to connect the pins:

The LCD Display connector has 20 pins:

1   VDD      P   Power Voltage for Logic: 3.3V
2   VDD      P   Power Voltage for Logic: 3.3V
3   U/D      I   Vertical Reverse Scan Control
4   L/R    I   Horizontal Reverse Scan Control.
5   IN0-   I   - LVDS differential data input
6   INO+   I   + LVDS differential data input
7   GND      P   Ground
8   IN1-    I   - LVDS differential data input
9   IN1+   I   + LVDS differential data input
10   GND      P   Ground
11   IN2-   I   - LVDS differential data input
12   IN2+   I    + LVDS differential data input
13   GND      P   Ground
14  CLK-   I   - LVDS differential data input
15    CLK+   I   + LVDS differential data input
16   GND    P   Ground
17   IN3-   I   - LVDS differential data input
18   IN3+    I   + LVDS differential data input
19   VLED    P   Power supply for backlight: 12V
20   LEDADJ   I   LED PWM signal

NOTE : Pin20: ADJ is PWM signal input. It is for brightness control.

ITEM                     SYMBOL       MIN    TYP    MAX         UNIT
ADJ signal frequency          Fpwm      10       --      100       KHz
ADJ signal logic level High    VIH       3V      --      VLED (12V)    V
ADJ signal logic level Low       VIL       0      --      0.4         V

The cubieboard2 baseboard pin assignment:

1   VSEL
2   VSEL
3   VSEL
4   GND
5   GND
6   TXO0-
7   TXO0+
8   TXO1-
9   TXO1+
10   TXO2-
11   TXO2+
12   GND
13   GND
14   TXOC-
15   TC0C-
16   TXOC+
17   TXO3-
18   TXO3+
19   TXE0-
20   TXE0+
21   TXE1-
22   TXE1+
23   TXE2-
24   TXE2+
25   GND
26   GND
27   TXEC-
28   TXEC+
29   TXE3-
30   TXE3+

GND is the only pins that are obvious to me. What about the others? Can somebody hep here?

Thank you very much!


January 08, 2014, 03:12:09 pm #1 Last Edit: January 08, 2014, 03:45:00 pm by rckburn
I have bought the cubieboard baseboard for 30$ from this website https://store.iotllc.com/product.php?productid=3&cat=0&featured=Y. It routs all of the pins so that you can plug in the lvds display so long as you have the right cables to do so, which are easy to obtain, they can usually ship them with the screen. It also brings the pins out to have larger spacing, so that if you would still like to learn how to plug a screen in manually, it makes it much easier.

Hope this helps!