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I've been a prize idiot and blown up my Cubietruck :(

Started by onidaito, November 26, 2013, 06:14:10 am

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Hi guys! I've been a muppet and fried my cubieboard. I got the 12v and 5v mixed up on my supply and the magic smoke appeared. There was a flame at one point. However, it seems localised to one chip:



I've tried to get the chip off with flux, chisel tip and some wick but it wont budge. I'll keep at it but Im wondering is this part something I can just swap in/out or have I totally buggered this board? Many thanks! :)


It is necessary some soldering skills but you can replace it.
Be carefull to not broke any trace when trying to remove the ic. Try to remove it with a hot air station.


Im just hoping that part isn't one that requires a programmer. Hot air you say? Should I use that and some wicking?


Ok, a quick update! I used some hot air (a blow torch setting on my gas soldering iron actually) and removed the chip:


It looks like the traces are good though one is damaged and two of the pins from that IC are still stuck to the board. However, as far as I can tell, the traces are still intact.

My worry is 12v may have gone elsewhere on the board too, damaging things that arent visible?


No, that ic dont requires a programmer. It is the power management ic AXP209.

It have a large thermal pad underneath and it is soldered to the pcb, so you have to heat it and pull out.


It looks good. Only need some solder cleanup.

That ic is the most critical, probably is the only damaged.


Thanks a lot for the support! :) I'll try and find that part and see if it all works! Heres hoping! *fingers crossed*