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Thank you calhemp.
But I am not sure to be capable to do all this stuff... could you be more specific on "compile the driver and load with insmod", do you mean joydev.ko or something else?
And in that case do I have to compile the entire Android system from the SDK?...
Don't know where to start looking to modify Android...  :o


I would like to know if there is a gamepad/joypad/game controller that really works on CT with Android...
I have a common USB dualshock gamepad, also tried a Sixaxis PS3, installed USB/BT Joystick Center, and no luck...
Tested on all nand 1.01 versions of
I read that with Gamepad IME and joydev.ko file may work, but dont know where to get a compatible one...
So, is there anyone that could help on this?
Thank you,

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