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Cubieboard v2 Hardware (A20 Based) / Re: Next Versions of Cubieboard HW ?
« on: January 05, 2014, 05:13:33 pm »
ive not been here long but talk of higher powered hardware isnt going to be the answer just yet.

i think concentration should be made to what you already have and developing and working with software so the cubie can run several different things for example you want to run video files, you want to be a mini server to share files and you want to play games.

Hello there,
I'm also not here since very long, but I totally agree. The cubie has high potential. Lots of performance, many I/Os, etc... Of course, there are bugs, too. But thats so normal for a product like this!
There is no founded need for more performance or new hardware, as long as other boards with less hardware capabilities are used for more sophisticated projects as the cubieboard.



ok, this thread is a little old, but maybe it still helps  ::) ...

I've read something with the dd command:!topic/cubieboard/qcysnyw0tRw

Half way down, the post from Dimitry. But I haven't tried yet. I just did not want to leave your question without any reply  :-\ .


Hi again,

I think the problem with the onboard-LEDs could be solved easily:

Just because you are already editing the script.bin... ;) .

The wide range of useable interfaces like SPI and I2C sounds interesting.


Hi ahrovan,

could you please describe what you want to tell? For me this is an Image for a complete different board (with just the same processor). The image description in the homepage is waste, because it does not tell where what kind of errors are.
Of course, this image could be interesting. All in all, the idea to port images from the Olimex to the Cubie is interesting. But... what du you want to tell?!

I saw just right now, that it was you who postet the test results on the external website. Now I understand what you mean :) . Thanks for the afford. Looks very interesting. Could you please describe the errors more in detail?

Cubieboard v2 Hardware (A20 Based) / Re: Charger - 2.1A instead of 2A
« on: December 23, 2013, 07:14:30 am »
To my knowledge, the device will take what it needs but I'm not an expert...


yes, thats right. Theoretically you could use a power supply with thousands of amps. But you should keep one thing in mind: all the current (amps) will go all across the whole board to the device, that needs the amps and that may destroy your board. Example: you plug in a USB device that is broken (short circuit). Than your charger will try to power the device and the charger will feed all his amps (lets say 10A) into the short circuit on the USB port. Than you will see some magic smoke and thats the end ;) .
Same scenario with the GPIOs. Thats why external components (like USB things...) are often powered externally.

But yes, you can of course use another 5V power supply :)


Cubieboard v2 OS (A20 Based) / Re: Card images for latest releases
« on: December 16, 2013, 03:47:23 am »
I understand why one could run the system from a SD card: beginners for example (like me) don't want to touch the Android system on NAND, because they want to keep their CB in an operatable condition. So the easiest way to do this is to use card images.
Another reason is, that it is a little complicated to flash to NAND on Linux systems. You need some good luck to find the translation from chinease to english. And even with this translation it is not sooo easy to perform all these steps  :o .

In the future I will run my CB system from NAND, too. But at the beginning, I prefere to use card images. So I am interested in the card image for the latest Lubuntu release, too :) .

Cubieboard v2 Hardware (A20 Based) / Re: GPIO minimum voltage
« on: December 10, 2013, 03:13:22 am »
I didn't notice that I should look into the electrical characteristics of A20. Instead I was searching for it in Cubieboard resources :)

I think thats because of the better documentation about the CB than about the A20 :) . I've read many datasheets, but the datasheet about the Allwinner-things belong to the worsts  :o ...

Maybe you like to keep us up to date how your project is going and if everything works fine.

Good luck!

Cubieboard v2 Hardware (A20 Based) / Re: GPIO minimum voltage
« on: December 03, 2013, 07:41:15 am »

according to the datasheet of the A20 the minimum input voltage for "high" (VIHis 2,1V.
So 2,5V should be ok.
It in not sooo difficult to read the specs ;) .

Hope this helps you.



I've searched through many manuals and forums, but I just could not find a solution.

I'd like to measure some voltages with the CB2. I've read that there are analog inputs for the internal ADC of the A20 on the external connectors. But I really don't understand how to use these pins! Are there any good sources where I can read about that? How many SPS, what resolution? Or is it just not possible?!

Edit: I'd like to use Lubuntu :)

Thanks alot in advance,



for me, the problem is obvious: the power consumption of the HDD. Try to power the HDD with a separate power supply. Did you do the hardware "hack" with the current-limiting resistor on U1 (I think)? You need to bypass the current limiting IC to provide enough power.

Please measure the voltage. I am sure you will see that it drops down when your HDD is working.


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