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Beginners / Slow samba performance
July 12, 2014, 10:38:29 am
Hi, I have been having some troubles with samba. The write spead drops to 80kB/s so that is literally close to nothing. At first the speed is pretty good (about 10M/s), but after some time it drops. When it happens I cannot close cubieboard gracefully. If I write shutown command then commandline hangs on that command. I am running cubian. It has both driver for hidraw and drivers for wifi rtl8192.
I do not have time to recompile kernel for ubuntu so I've been sticking with that distro.

I've been playing for some time with samba options but with no luck. After fresh,clean installation I can tranfer big files over samba, but after some time the samba bug becomes apparent.

Does anyone know what can be the source of the problem?
Hi sv12k, I must admit it was a great job.

Before I write the android image and destroy my precious system, could you say if the android image has TP-Link wifi drivers enabled? I think it uses rtl8188 driver.

I would be very happy to switch to android (for video with OSD!!! and gaming), but without wifi driver I would like to save myself the time.

If not, then could you create a complete guide for beginners how one should create android image?