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It is possible to have composite video out with this image?
the 12U1 is the 1.5V and the 12U3 is the 3.3V
It is the two sot23-6 in the top of pcb.

in this document they have the reference 12U3 and 12U1
The output of one is 1.5V and the other is 3.3V
Cubietruck is not the best hardware for low-level debugging, it is intended to run high level OS like linux.
Fist of all there are some closed source things about the A20 processor. For low level debugging you should know it's internal architecture, registers, addresses... and that information is not easy to get.
The '.C' component is an inductor, I don't think it is the source of the smoke.
Could be the AXP209, and in that case the red led don't turn on, but I dont see any burn mark. Powering from usb cable should not work too.
Check the component above the inductor '1R5' in the photo appear to have some mark.
I don't have the datasheet of TCS4199 voltage regulator, but I would not take more than about 100mA from 3.3V
From 5V you can draw less than 1A.
Post a photo showing the component that started to smoke
Beginners / Re: connecting buzzer to cubieboard
September 04, 2014, 03:33:40 am
Quote from: JerryJ on August 14, 2014, 04:00:06 am
Are there any examples of how to connect a buzzer to cubieboard? I've a had search search of forum but didn't find anything. 
Is there a certain kind of buzzer I need? Active?

Can I just use echo 1 > GPIO to have it make a sound?

I want cubieboard to make a sound when a task completes.  I tried with a buzzer a months ago but couldn't get it to work.

You can use something like that:

connect to any gpio pin and just use echo 1 > GPIO
If you are powering the cubieboard by dc-jack check diode D2
Quote from: FR3D on July 22, 2014, 07:18:47 am
so when you connect power directly to the board only 3.7v is needed and when you plug in into the wall it needs 5v?

Yes. I think by default the battery don't supply the sata disk, but it is possible, only have to change a resistor.
Cubietruck use a 3.7V battery. It have voltage regulators to convert the battery 3.7V to the voltages used by the different components of ct.
You have to be carefull about the polarity (+ and -)
You can connect a MSP430 or other microcontroller to the cubieboard. They can communicate each other by I2C, SPI, UART...
Programing the microcontroler with the cubibooard is not an easy task.

A solar panel of tens of watt should be ok. Depends on the battery capacity too.

I don't know if that cubieboards are official but I only have seen with nand
Cubieboard v2 Hardware (A20 Based) / Re: USB Ports
July 03, 2014, 03:35:37 am
The cubieboard only have 2 usb ports. the pads under the ports are not for add moore ports but to add pin headers to access them in a baseboard.

If you need more ports you can add a usb hub.

Yes, in Cubieboard 1 and 2 the FEL button is under mini-usb port.