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About the forum / Pm limit at 5
« on: March 23, 2014, 08:18:01 am »
Lawrence, can you remove the 5 pm limit for hour? it is very noising :-\

Community / Xbmc with full hd
« on: February 14, 2014, 10:47:21 am »
i was tring to recompile xbmc to add the full hd support, but i've some trouble with libcedar  :-\
So i used my old xbmc, and now it give me a seg fault opening sd and hd movies ???
But it works with full hd  :o :o
But not all... :'(
Opening a .mov file, it run perfect, and with a .mkv the xbmc screen flash, and after a bit disappear, and the film is fully visible....but audio/video are not sinc  :-\
Making some changes, now sd and hd files are played too, but with the full hd rules, and it is not good :-\
I know, is a bit confused...sorry  :-[

Based on ubuntu 12.04 Precise LTS, Qbee-X is a new (or better...another ;D) image for cb1.

user/password are:



as always, is suggested to change the default password ;)

see above for "what's new"

                  =========== TMC Final Release ============


  • removed gnome and xfce4
  • upgraded ffmpeg to 2.6.3
  • upgraded smplayer and smtube
  • added ajenti for remote control (address is https://your_cubie_ip:8000, user: root, pass: admin)
  • added couchpotato to manage torrents search and download
  • changed transmission with deluge (empty password for remote connections) for better performances and better integration with couchpotato

nand image

uSD image (note: image is 3.5gb, so don't forget to resize it after install)
seems that torrents have some troubles :(



                     ========== TMC EDITION ===============                       
New: QBee-X_TMC is online here more infos and dl files.

In short:

- added xbmc 12.2 with full-hd woking, and mp3 not working :( ;

- added madsonic as mediaserver and for remote streaming;

- upgraded smplayer, smtube, ffmpeg, lame and h264 to the latest version.

- changed default desktop from gnome to lxde.


Download links:  

Nand version (make a backup of your nand before!!)   tar -xzf Qbee-X_nand.img.tar.gz    and after   sudo dd if=Qbee-X_nand.img of=/dev/nand
cca7e0b031f538ce75de08ec6cbdc880  Qbee-X_nand.img.tar.gz
6d66f2b8181b81bdf63df2ebbd019654  Qbee-X_nand.img

SD version:   tar -xzf Qbee-X_A10.img.tar.gz     and after     sudo dd if=Qbee-X_A10.img of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=1M
a159cfd5b8fc85fb153882c858e2ab42  Qbee-X_A10.img.tar.gz
3e75ea8438878f5c816506abac7163e0  Qbee-X_A10.img

SD -resized- version: no more needed and without last changes, but i'll keep the link up for a couple of weeks
(same as the one before, but without the "extra size" error (thanks Ikeeki :-*))
unzip      and after     sudo dd if=Qbee-X_A10.img of=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=1M
md5: 2fa833de415639ce933509ea299a6bdf   
use this form the moment, and boot with the hdmi cable unplugged, remove the EDID from uEnv.txt in boot partition, and after you can boot without unpluggin the cable


kernel: 3.4.79 by Patwood

Desktop, you can choose between:
- gnome (set as default, with remote desktop enabled without password, you can disable it from applications - internet- desktop sharing);

- lxde

- xfce (when you logout from gnome and choose the DE you want, xfce is under the virtual keyboard, so you have to close it to see xfce in the menu...sorry  :-[)

- firefox
- chromium
both have youtube enabled, but it no works well (360p), and vimeo don't works  :-\

- smplayer: works with sd, hd, and full-hd movies (and audo files too)
- smtube: to watch youtube videos with smplayer (now at 1080)

- mplayer: for full hd movies (still present, but no more needed)

- mediatomb: media-server/dlna-server, to stream music, videos and images over your network (and the net, if you want). Should works with Lg dlna tv too, but i haven't, so not tested

- power-buton: if pushed, it open the reboot-suspend-shutdown window (but i think only with gnome :P)

- network: managed by network-manager (wired too), and set to dhcp

- cifs-mount installed (not pre-configured)

- x11vnc installed (not pre-configured)

- ubuntu-tweak installed, to have some nice tricks, as clean-up the system :P

- Tools folder (in /home/cubie): remote-desktop script (usefull if you use lxde or xfce - no password preset - ); sunxi-tools (for some customization); nandinstall (not totaly works with this version, sorry).

- Leds:
sd-card version: blue led for sd, green led for sda (you can change/disable by commenting the related lines in /etc/rc.local)
nand-version: blue led for cpu activity, green led for mmc

- cpu: overclocked at 1.17 ghz

- xbmc: not installed at the moment, i'm planning to recompile it with full hd support

- upgrade-manager: installed and working (no issues found at the moment, in case report here)

- others: .....don't remember   ;D ;D

a GREAT thanks to Ikeeki, Patwood, Ssvb, and all the forum's members who wrote most of the tricks i used in this version.
A special thanks to Ikeeki for support, tricks, tests, port this version on A20 (with the holy-hand of Pat  ;D), and overall the tons of laught we made's a real pleasure work with you  :-* :-* ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D


General Discussion / How to use nand with only one partition?
« on: January 29, 2014, 11:00:24 am »
Hi all, someone can tell me, please, how to use nand with only one partition? (no android)
i copied all boot files from sd to the boot folder, but seems not suff to make the system boot  :-\
I added boot.axf too, with same result, and on the net there not discussion about it  :-\
Thanks in advance  :)

Community / Kernel configuration
« on: January 27, 2014, 03:42:46 pm »
A good point of start, imho, may be the build of a working "universal" kernel, more complete as possible, and more possible.
Who is interested, should download the necessary packages to compile the kernel, and we can choice what include and what exclude, what create conflict, etc etc.
What's your opinion?

Community / Make it great!!
« on: January 21, 2014, 05:40:52 pm »
New section is ready, and i hope all peoples wich are working at the cubies imges development will partecipate, to make this community biggest as possible  :D
With Ikeeki we are working hard to release a good (or 2  ;D) good ubuntu releases, to have all we need to make and customize our cubie as possible.
At the moment we are working overall to the video section, to play sd (done), hd (done), youtube (done), and full hd (done, but need work another bit).
If you have skills, ideas, or time to make hard test, you'r welcome  :D
The phylosophy will be "less releases, more power"  8)

Hope it will be the same for the others distro, this means less works for all, and a better result, imho

Tips, Tricks and Guides / Error when packing kernel
« on: January 01, 2014, 12:48:17 pm »
Good new year to all  :D
I'm bulding new kernel (3.4.75) for cb1, all seems ok (installed manually), but when i try to create the deb package with
make -j6 deb-pkg
i get the error
dpkg-deb: generazione del pacchetto "linux-firmware-image:armel" in "../linux-firmware-image_3.4.75Tk-2_armel.deb".
dpkg-gencontrol: error: Illegal package name `linux-headers-3.4.75Tk'
make[1]: *** [deb-pkg] Errore 255
make: *** [deb-pkg] Errore 2
and only firmware deb package is created  :-\
There is a way to create a full deb insaller for new firmware?

Tips, Tricks and Guides / Kernel modules conflict ?
« on: December 17, 2013, 11:50:21 pm »
Trying again with kernel .67 i found a strange issue: sata disk works, but there was no audio; so i tried to reload audio modules, and when i gived
sudo modprobe sunxi-i2s
my sata disk stopped.
I reloaded the sw_ahci_platform module, and nothing happens, but..... (here the strangeness), starting a movie, the sata disk was re-powered on...according to audio  ??? (no audio, no power---audio, power).
There is some conflict between these modules? someone can make some test to confirm or less this issue?

Tips, Tricks and Guides / [Solved] How to overclock cubie v1?
« on: December 02, 2013, 01:40:05 pm »
I need to try to overclock my cubie v1 for a test, but how do it, and wich freq can i reach?
Has someone tried?

Hi all, i'm triyng to make a particular software on cubie, but i'm having some difficults.
This sofwtware should works on several distro, as ubuntu, debian, fedora, it would be a nice if all developpers of the premade images will partecipate  :P
For who is interested to works at it, i will pass the needed files, and explain the steps i followed.
If it works as i hope, it will be a very nice christmas gift  ;D

Software & Applications / How to add cedarx to mplayer?
« on: September 14, 2013, 11:34:04 am »
Hi all, there is a way to add cedar to mplayer (something like ./configure --enable-cedarx), ot it must be added from mplayer developpers?
Thanks :)

Cubieboard v1 OS (A10 Based) / Flashplayer experiment
« on: July 18, 2013, 10:41:46 am »
Hi, someone with android coul try if this plugin works, and in case, pass to me the content in .zip/rar/tar format?
I wanna try it on ubuntu  :o

Thanks in advance

General Discussion / Community creation?
« on: July 17, 2013, 03:53:49 am »
Hi all  :)
I have a question for all that peoples that make images for cubie, spending a lot of time and energy to release their best work for who, like me, is not able to do it  by your own.

Why don't you work together?

Creating a group, you can provide less images, but more powerfull, and cooperetion is more funny than working alone, don't you think?

This is my purpose, and my hope...what do you think?

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