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i measured the electric voltage of two devices:

Cubieboard A80
in operative mode (not idle) + Wlan "ON" and connected as client-> 2,7 Watt
+ USB Webcam connected, streaming webservice "on" and stream recording to file-> 3,7 Watt

by the way. if anyone interested in:

Zotac Zbox CI 320 nano
in operative mode-> 7,1 Watt

USB3 OTG -> on copying files to usb device or deleting files on the usb 3.0 device , hd stops working and mount point gets lost. -> Cubie is still working but i have to disconnet the power supply from harddisc and restart the cubie to get HD on USB 3.0 working again.

I tried it with two different usb 3.0 devices  -> WD, Scandisk -> all of them make the same issue.

They all stop working after deleting or copying and mount point gets lost.

Is there a problem with USB 3.0 ??

I use the standard ubuntu 0.3 image.

Does anyone have the same problem ??

Existing (working) sd card image  -> store it on Emmc ?

Is this possible ?

or is there a way make a bootable image from an existing one an flash it to the emmc ?

Cubieboard v4 OS (A80 Based) / Get the full 2 GB ram ?
« on: March 24, 2015, 08:32:02 am »
with the command "top" i get only ~1,7 GB of total available memory. is there a way to get the full 2 GB of memory on bootup ?

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