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Tips, Tricks and Guides / Chinese script.fex header translation
« on: February 25, 2015, 04:50:38 am »
You may have seen the Chinese text in some script.fex files and been wondering what it says. Here's a rough translation done with help of and a little rephrasing. No warranties whatsoever, though :)

1.) Script strings are case sensitive. You can modify variable values after the "=", not the names.
2.) The primary and subkey name lengths must be less than 32 characters.
3.) Comments begin with a ";" in column one and continue until the end of a line.
4.) Comments can not be appended to configuration items such as the primary key.
    Comments can not be appended behind Zijian(?) comments.
GPIO format description:
    port:port number in the group + <function assignment> <internal resistance state> <drive capability> <output level> <status>
For example:

Hi all,
based on Igor Pečovnik's script to build a recent linux-sunxi kernel and minimal Debian (jessie, wheezy) or Ubuntu (trusty), I built some images and put them on

These are my first steps to somewhat automate the installation of a desktop Debian, which is based on Igor's prior work for a console only Linux.
BTW Igor: Thank you a lot for this good start!

Edit: 20145-02-28

I heavily modified Igor's scripts to generate an initial set of Xorg, MATE desktop and some basic applications.
There's also an script run after the first login, after changing the root password.
The script (optionally) lets you compile libump, libdri2, sunxi-mesa and xf86-video-fbturbo to have an accelerated Xorg installation. If everything succeeds, the display manager lightdm service is activated so that on the next boot you will see the lightdm screen.

I'd appreciate any installation reports, success or failure. not yet...


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