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In case someone needs a modern kernel based image. I don't have this board, but it was confirmed working. We don't have the plan to support this board. It comes as is.
How does Armbian based on Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic looks like? The same as Xenial, Jessie or Stretch :) How does it function? As fast as possible. Can I build my own image? Yes, you can. Since board is officially EOL you need to use switch EXPERT="yes" when building an image.

More info and download links:
Cubieboard v1 OS (A10 Based) / NAND U-boot
December 15, 2015, 03:17:03 am
I am trying to rebuild NAND u-boot for Cubieboard 1 with using those sources: -b sunxi-nand

I was building with various compilers using default configuration but it always gets only U-boot version prompt, some NAND error then resetting the board cycle.

Anyone knows for a working source? Should this one be o.k.?
Cubieboard v2 OS (A20 Based) / Kernel 3.4.91
May 31, 2014, 01:32:01 am

Kernel is based on Patwood's .79, upgraded to .91 by D_NRW and further patched by me.


What's new is under construction. Any feedback would be helpfull. 8)

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Clean minimal stable base of Debian Wheezy, Jessie and Ubuntu Trusty to deploy web, mail, samba, ... server. The image is compiled from scratch. Image is suitable for any SD card larger than 2G and can be moved to NAND or SATA. The first boot takes longer time (around 1m50s) than usual (25s). It needs to regenerate SSH keys, sets your MAC address, resizes partition to fit your SD card. It might reboot one time automatically on first boot to take effect for changes.

VGA / HDMI output is determined at first boot. If you start your system with HDMI plugged in than your system will be preconfigured for HDMI after first boot else VGA if HDMI is not connected.


Debian Stretch with 4.14.y


- kernel 3.4.112 and 4.5.2 (docker ready)

- fixed Bluetooth on Cubietruck (3.4.110)
- kernel upstream 4.4.3 on Vanilla
- MALI and video acceleration working on 3.4.110
- forced user creation at first login


- Vanilla kernel for Allwinner based boards upgraded to 4.4.1
- Allwinner audio driver playback and capture on kernel 4.4.1, UAS, USB OTG, battery readings,
- firstrun does autoreboot only if needed: wheezy and some legacy kernels.
- added motd to /etc/updated.motd ... redesign, added battery info for Allwinner boards, bugfix, coloring
- fixed FB turbo building on Allwinner
- fixed NAND install on A10 boards (Legacy kernel only)
- fixed USB boot, added PWM on Vanilla
- readded USB sound
- added LIRC GPIO receive and send driver for legacy Allwinner
- added LED MMC activity to Vanilla kernels for Cubietruck and Cubieboard A10
- build script: option to build images with F2FS root filesystem for Allwinner boards

28.12.2015 Update only (apt-get update && apt-get upgrade)
- complete build script rework
- new development kernel package linux-image-dev-sunxi (4.4RC6) for Allwinner boards
- Vanilla kernel for Allwinner based boards upgraded to 4.3.3
- fixed Jessie RTC bug, systemd default on Jessie images

- vanilla kernel upgrade to 4.2.2,
- legacy kernel upgraded to 3.4.109,
- added I2C support and bunch of multimedia modules (DVB) (vanilla),
- brcmfmac driver fixes for vanilla kernel (Cubietruck)
- performance tweak: choosing a closest Debian mirror (Debian images)
- added Astrometa DVB firmware and dvb-tools
- added Nikkov SPDIF / I2S recent patch (legacy)
- added patch for rtl8192cu: Add missing case in rtl92cu_get_hw_reg (legacy)
- bigger NAND boot partition on install
- install script bug fixes

- kernel 4.2
- walk-around if ethernet is not detected on some boards due to RTC not set(?)
- update is done (semi) automatic if you are using Armbian 4.2. You only need to issue command: apt-get update && apt-get upgrade. If you are coming from older system, check Documentation
- Enabled whole USB net and HID section in kernel for Allwinner boards v4.2
- Fixed upgrade script - only some minor bugs remains.
- Fixes to build script that it's working under Ubuntu 15.04

- Upgraded NAND / SATA installer. Possible to install to SATA/NAND boot in one step.
- Easy kernel switching between old 3.4 and 4.x
- Automatic kernel updating (to disable comment armbian repo /etc/apt/sources.list)
- Aufs file system support
- kernel 4.1.6 and 3.4.108
- Added Cubieboard 1 (4.x only)
- enabled USB audio in kernel 4.x
- kernel headers fixed. No need to rebuild when you update the kernel.
- fixed boot scripts that can load from FAT partition too
- Docker support (kernel 4.x). Already here for a while / forget to mention.
- removed security system. It's coming with Kernel 3.4

- Added lightweight Ubuntu Trusty XFCE desktop image
- Added auto system update via repository
- Root password change is initialized at first boot.
- 3.4.108 kernel fixes, 4.1.4 Allwinner Security System

- Fixed stability issues, temperature display in 4.x
- Kernel upgrades to 3.4.108 and 4.1.2

- Bugfix release
- Kernel 4.0.5 traffic control support
- SATA / USB install fixed on kernel 4.x
- Added 256Mb emergency swap area, created automatically @first boot

- Bugfix release: all images successfully booted on Cubietruck. I waited for automatic reboot than tested remote login.
- Kernel 4.0.4 added support for power on/off button
- Both: Jessie fixed, Eth init fixed (uboot)
- introduction

Fixed stability issues, temperature display in 4.x
Kernel upgrades to 3.4.108 and 4.1.2

- Kernel 4.0.3 some new functionality
- Kernel 3.4.107 added sunxi display manager to change FB on demand
- Both: Ubuntu and jessie install errors fixed, removed busybox-syslogd and changed to default logger due to problems in Jessie and Ubuntu, apt-get upgrade fixed, documentations update, Uboot fixed to 2015.4 - no more from dev branch
- Build script rework - image size shrink to actual size, possible to have fat boot partition on SD card, several script bug fixes

- Kernel 3.19.6
- Kernel 3.4.107 with better BT loading solution

- Kernel 3.19.4: fixed AP mode, fixed USB, added 8192CU module
- Common: apt-get upgrade ready but not enabled yet, serial console fixed, fixed hostapd under jessie, easy kernel switching, latest patched hostapd for best performance - normal and for realtek adaptors, auto IO scheduler script
- Build script: everything packed as DEB

- Kernel 3.19.3: docker support, apple hid, pmp, nfsd, sata peformance fix
- Kernel 3.4.106: pmp, a20_tp - soc temp sensor
- Common: console setup fixed, headers bugfix, nand install fix
- Build script: kernel build only, custom packets install, hardware accelerated desktop build as option

- Kernel 3.19.0: many new functionality and fixes.
- Desktop upgrade on 3.19.0 works.
- Bugfixes: CT wireless works in all kernels

- Possible to compile external modules on both kernels
- Kernel 3.19.0 RC5
- Bugfixes: install script, headers, bashrc, spi

- Kernel 3.19.0 RC3 with working console
- Kernel, headers and firmware packed as DEB package
- Bugfixes

- Kernel 3.4.105 with new MALI driver and other fixes
- Added: Jessie image
- Major build script rewrite - much faster image building
- Fixed: failed MIN/MAX settings


Main features:
  • Debian Wheezy, Debian Jessie and Ubuntu Trusty based
  • 3.4.108 with broad additional hardware support. Based on Patwood's .79, upgraded to .98 by D_NRW and further patched by me and clean Vanilla kernel 4.2.x
  • Total memory is 1000/2000Mb (disabled all memory reservations for GPU on CLI images)
  • Ethernet with DHCP and SSH server ready on default port (22) with regenerated keys @ first boot
  • Performance tweaks:
    • /tmp & /log = RAM, ramlog app saves logs to disk daily and on shut-down
    • IO scheduler NOOP for SD, CFQ for sda (mechanical hard drive). (change in /etc/sysfs.conf)
    • journal data writeback enabled. (/etc/fstab)
    • commit=600 to flush data to the disk every 10 minutes (/etc/fstab)
    • optimized CPU frequency scaling 480-1010Mhz with interactive governor and small 20% overclock (/etc/init.d/cpufrequtils)
    • eth0 interrupts are using dedicated core
    • Allwinner security system cryptographic accelerator (sunxi_ss)
  • ALSA: Analog, Spdif and I2S support + basic sound utils
  • root file-system auto resize
  • NAND, SATA and USB install script included (/root)
  • Login script shows board auto MOTD with current CPU temp, hard drive temp, ambient temp from Temper if exits, actual free memory and battery state
  • USB redirector - for sharing USB over TCP/IP (disabled by default /etc/init.d/rc.usbsrvd)
  • SATA and USB storage enabled
  • root password=1234 and expires at first login
  • Wireless adapter DHCP ready but disabled (/etc/network/interfaces, WPA2: normal connect or AP mode)
  • sunxi-tools included: fex2bin, bin2fex, nand-part
  • MAC address from chip ID, manual optional
  • Graphics desktop environment upgrade ready
Project history, quick manual and old images.

Known bugs or limitations:

Thanks to: Dek, nobrainz, patwood, kdeenkhoorn, D_NRW and all others who gave feedback to improve this image.