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Download site changed, you can find qbee-x images here
Hi, try to remove the EDID param from uEnv.txt. Some monitor requires it, but others hate it  :-\

Xorg.conf too isn't working with some monitors, so try to comment all the resolution lines and reboot, hoping it will fix.
I almost have no more cubieboard, so i'm going from memory.
Test still in progress, i'm testing plex media server. Seams it works :)
Testing ubuntu 16 mate, it's a bit slow but works.
Hi Nacho, the image is not designed to be used with the live suit, to install it you have to use the dd command from the sd card, as described in the first post.
Let me know the result :)
Hi Veribaka,
on ubuntu 12 php is v. 5.3, you could check it here:
for debian i don't know, but you can try with
sudo apt-cache search php5
Unluckly, the packages manteinement is not depending by me or other guys which build a distro, but the official manteiners...and armhf is not well supported for the moment by the *buntu community.
Time ago i tested a bit ubuntu 14, but i really don't like it, much better 12 or debian (i have not many experiences with fedora, gentoo, etc).
Good luck :)
Hi guys,
flashplayer doesn't works on firefox, for youtube you have to switch to html5. If you need flash, you have to use chrome.
Cubieboard v2 Android (A20 Based) / Re: browser problem
October 18, 2015, 10:08:45 am
try to clear the browser cache and reload the page, and try to open the fritz page from freetz, if you have it installed.
Try also with a different browser.
Cubieboard v3 Hardware (Cubietruck) / Re: UpNP 1080p
October 13, 2015, 01:30:07 pm
i don't know if there is something preinstalled (if it is a clean distro there isn't), but you can try with mediatomb or mini-dlna, these are the firsts i have in mind.
I have a cb1 and an orange-pi (same as cb2 with a bit more hardware), and i use theme as download station, mediaserver and phone server (asterisk). I could use theme as umts router too, but i have 5 unused routers which i would use before change the cb destination.
I would try to make a meteo station too, but not at the moment.
Nice :)
And in sd version have you tryied my suggestion? it worked?
Added dl link at first post for nand, hope it works.
Hi guys, sorry for my delay, i'm a bit busy :(
I'll upload nand version next week, monday or tuesday i hope.

@ Vcka: from terminal try to give: sudo chmod 777 /dev/disp /dev/cedar_dev /dev/ump /dev/mali /dev/g2d
and retry to open a video with smplayer (without sudo), and tell me if it works

@ Batias: mp3 in xbmc are still not working :( i tried with vlc and mpd too, same result :'(
rythmbox and totem works without seems like if programs which uses upnp will crash with mp3  :-\
about madsonic...try this:
close madsonic than
cd /var/madsonic
sudo rm -R thumbs lucene2 jetty db

and start madsonic again. It will take a bit of time, so give a look at the cpu usage, when it roll back near 8-10% it should be started.

Let me know
@ Batias: i suspected something like that, but you haven't told it :(  Remember that through vnc only x11 video are visible, but they are versy slow.
For nand version i have problems with my site, in the next days i├Čll try to re-up the torrent.

@ Vcka: what kind of problems have you with video? Have you used only mplayer, or smplayer too?