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Ok, I see.

Yeah, I'm also going to buy the smallest possible microSD and move the uBoot there.

Many thanks for your help. Now we understand better how booting works on these devices.
I'll certainly try the uboot-tools.

Best regards.

Thank you so much, rgmhtt.

It worked. I actually had a small misunderstanding from your first reply. I made the bootable microSD and transfered the root filesystem to a SATA drive. But I deleted only the root filesystem partition from the microSD and the partition mmcblk1p1 was still there (with the uImage). That's why the kernel panic: it was looking for the root filesystem on the microSD itself.

That link you posted did the trick. Now I understand. The "MBR" of the microSD does the work. So, I put the Linaro image on the microSD again and opened it with fdisk, and deleted all partitions, after transfering contents to SATA drive. It booted and used the SATA drive. Great.

Just one last question out of curiosity: if I have to transfer that uBoot to another microSD, can I use dd and read the first 512 bytes like I would do with a MBR hard disk?
Thanks a lot for your reply rgmhtt.

I just tried what you suggested. Unfortunately, it did not work. I got messages like a kernel panic.

One question: how does the board know where the / filesystem is?

I think this is the key. I use Linux all the time and booting a distro on a PC is quite simple. The bootloader is given the instruction where to find the kernel and the / filesystem (e.g. /dev/sda2,3,4...).

But here, how does it work? I find it a bit disappointing that there is not more information about these technicalities. These boards are very good in terms of open sourcing, but we need more information to be able to tweak things.

Hey guys,

I've got a CubieTruck Plus (Cubieboard v5) currently booting from EMMC with Linaro Ubuntu 14.04. Everything is fine but I was wondering if I can make it boot from the SATA hard drive. It would be nice to have all the space.

I have noticed that the board does not boot if I put an empty micro SD in. It also does not boot when I connect the SATA hard drive. I would have been happy if it booted just fine with an empty drive plugged in. I could mount it and store all my data or move my home directory there. But it is just not booting.

So, I thought, since it is not booting at all, maybe connecting any drive (micro SD or SATA HD) makes the boot process ignore the EMMC and look for bootloaders on the drives instead.

I have seen that it is possible to burn the linaro image to SD card so that it boots the OS from there instead of EMMC. Is it possible to do the same thing with the SATA hard drive? Can I just clone the micro SD Linaro to the SATA hard drive and boot from there?