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Thank you Don.

(Meanwhile I bought a HP MicroServer. ARM boards were a very good start for me to run my own services but on long term I thought a system with multiple HDD bays is necessary to have more reliability.)
Quote from: calhemp on February 28, 2017, 08:30:16 am
the special cable usb-2.1mm conecttor  that power cubie from the adapter was the cullprit!!


I maked a "diy witdh cable" for power my cubie from the adapter and works very well now.

Thank you very much (especially for the photo). This is very interesting. If nobody replies who is running a cubieboard3 I will try what you suggest.
Quote from: lawrence on February 27, 2017, 07:44:59 am
Sounds like insufficient power.  How many amps is the adaptor?

Probably drawing too much current for it to cope.

Thanks for your reply.

As mentioned/linked my current power supply Leicke NT03010 has an output of 12V and 3A.

Related to a product notice by Pollin.de (where I bought the first HDD adapter) sticked on the back side of the HDD adapter this is the maxium input (12V/3A).
Without knowing this I used a Leicke power supply with 12V/5A before causing same problems so I don't think the problem is caused by too less "power".

Any other ideas?
Hi all,

I want to run a Cubietruck with a WD Red 3TB powered by a Leicke NT03010 via official HDD adpater.

First HDD adapter I got caused really strange conneciton problems like random i/o errors accessing the HDD. Second one I bought works somehow but causes power off/restart after around one week after running 24/7.

The point is: same setup but with independent power supply for HDD and Cubietruck works stable over weeks.

Are there any known problems with the official HDD adapter?

Thanks a lot