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Cubieboard v4 OS (A80 Based) / USB audio not working in cubieboard 4
« on: November 29, 2016, 05:32:01 am »
I am trying to stream audio from cubieboard 4 (Running android kitkat version) over USB audio device. When connected to windows PC system said usb audio device is properly detected as USB speaker and can stream media from PC.
Even I can connect to standard android marshmallow device (haven't checked with older android version) and stream audio properly. And strange thing is USB AUDIO WORKS DIRECTLY WITH CUBIEBOARD 3 which is having even older android version.

When I look into cubieboard android source - in device/softwinner/kylin-common/hardaware/audio/audio_hw.c
I think audio out put device - 'AUDIO_DEVICE_OUT_USB_DEVICE' is not taken care. I tried to make some changes in source but no luck. I believe it should work directly.

Anybody who has come across same issue and got solution?


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