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Can i install these if i copy the extracted files to my SD card's / overwriting the 0.6.4 image?
General Discussion / OpenJDK/JRE 7 problems on cubiuntu
September 14, 2013, 09:16:20 am

I've facing a big problem on A20 cubiuntu: I have a java application that needs java 7, so i've removed the default installed openjdk6 and installed openjre7 with apt-get. My application works, except if it tries to connect to an SSL service as client (gmail smtp), then i get an exception at SSL connection: java.security.InvalidAlgorithmParameterException: the trustAnchors parameter must be non-empty

On other platforms (x86 windows with oracle jre7, and x86 linux with OpenJdk7) there is no problem. I've googled this problem and i've found some incomplete tips, for those who are know what are these "keystores" "cacert" or things like this. Don't i don't. I've tried to generate that keystore something with keytool ,but still the same problem. I've read that these cacert things are installed with the JRE, so i've searched for it, and i've found an unopenable (even with sudo) cacert file at /usr/lib/jvm/java 1.7 armhf(or something like this)/jre/security

Same happens with the default installed jre6 without any modification...

Solved by using oracle jre...
Quote from: vierax on September 13, 2013, 02:57:28 pmThis is a TV behaviour problem, I doubt you can fix that in the cubieboard.

I don't think so as cubieboard gets the focus through HDMI-CEC, but my PC doesn't do this, which doesn't supports CEC.

How can i disable the blue led? i've tried this "sudo echo 0 > /sys/class/leds/ph21:blue:led2/brightness" but i got "permission denied".
How can i prevent the cubie to make my TV automatically switch to the HDMI where cubieboard2 is connected?

And how can i make keyboard layout settings permanent. As lxkeymap not works, i used dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration, but after reboot, the key layout is reverted to US, while the keyboard-configuration stores the previous choices.
Now i've re written this http://dl.cubieforums.com/patwood/Cubiuntu0.6.4-a20.img.xz image to an SD card, and everyone can get root access by default, without any password!
At first boot, i just pressed Ctrl-Alt-F1, and i got a console logged in with root user without authentication!
And i can't disable the root user nor stop this autologin, by setting a root password. How can i do it?
Quote from: magno on September 11, 2013, 08:11:45 pm
By the way, how can I unxz the .xz image file in Window$ ?

According to the header, this .xz is an alias to 7zip. I've decompressed it with 7zip, by renaming the file extension from xz to 7z
On cubiuntu 0.64 i've just dried to rename the linaro user, and change password too, and i've created another user. At next reboot i found myself at infinite loop of user and password prompt at gui. No matter which user/password i use, it ask for the same again, without a message like wrong password or anything.
Then I've pressed ctrl-alt-f1 for console, i was automatically logged in as root! I've rebooted the cubie again, then i switched to console without playing the user password game on gui, and i was autologged again as root!

That's not too secure... Is it how it was by default, or how did i do this?
Ok, 3d is works (can be tested with es2gears).

Everything reports the architecture as arm7l, including uname. Is this normal? As i know A20 is armhf,  and arm7l means armel. Is this normal?
how can i test if 3D acceleration works? I've looked at the screen savers, and even the simplest 3d screen saver (3d text) have really bad frame rate.
Cubieboard v2 Hardware (A20 Based) / Re: Sata HD
September 11, 2013, 06:17:14 pm
The best solution is to get a cheap SATA/IDE to USB 2.0 adapter from china (which i didn't expected to work according to it's extremely cheap price, but it does perfectly and fast(40 mbytes/sec transfer rate which is a good average for USB 2), both with IDE and SATA disks), which comes with a seperate 12/5v brick PSU, which is rated at 2 amps both for 12v and 5v, and with the extra 12v it can power even the desktop HDD-s which cubie can't do alone, as lacking of 12v output which is needed for desktop drives.

However 1 amp for a notebook HDD should be enough as even the bigger 7200 rpm desktop HDDs don't take more than 0,75 amps at peak from 5v, and cubie doesn't need far more than 0,5 amps.

I have a small standalone java servlet which gets http messages, then it changes a small database file which is placed in the public folder of a Dropbox directory, which uploads it to cloud as it changes, and with a single public link this database file is reachable for anyone, and the link doesn't changing as the file is updated.

I know a normal database would be better, but not a coincidence that i use method like this: i don't have access to a 24/7 server, and it's simple.

What i need is this: a cloud storage that have public storage, and the share links for a file are fixed, and doesn't change as the file changes, and have synchronizing daemon client for ARM linux.
so if i have the previous version of cubiuntu, then i just need to replace uimage, with the one in the tar.gz and that's all?
There is no sound coming from hdmi, nor any real audio output devices are listed in the pulseaudio settings. Why is that?
Wow this is the fastest distribution for A20.

As i see screen resolution still can't be set from os, just by editing script.bin. Is this true?

Yesterday i've ran the off script included, it stopped some services, and hang at "stopping V compatibility something" with blinking cursor, i needed to press the power button on cubie manually. Is this normal?
I suppose this is a nand image again.