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Hello All,

How much is the maximum speed one can get from GPIO pins in Cubieboard2. I have tried several C codes that can access (write) into memory address of the GPIO pins, but I could not get the speed more than 2MHz. Is there anybody who could get a more speed over GPIOs?

I need the speed of 12 Mhz and so I will be very thankful if someone can share experiences..
Cubieboard v2 OS (A20 Based) / DMA in Cubieboard2
July 23, 2014, 11:30:08 am
Hi All,

I am going to connect an external ADC to the GPIO pins of Cubieboard 2 and read GPIO data to save them in SD memory. So basically GPIO data have to be written in SD memory. I want to do this by Direct Memory Access DMA controller in Cubieboard.

Does anybody have an experience with DMA in cubieboard 2 ? I could not find any proper documentations about DMA in CB2. Any sample code maybe to do this or any hint ..?