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Quote from: salutuj on May 09, 2014, 03:58:24 pm
1) USB 3.0
2) 8GB of RAM or more.

why 8G ram and usb3?
1.sata2 is enough for mini pc and one 2.5" hdd
2.hdmi , vga and dp (with adapter get another hdmi) is also enough
3.we need gpu driver for some xbmc
4.and good price
Off-Topic Discussion / Re: Radxa RK3188 Board
March 22, 2014, 12:38:18 pm
missing 1Gig net and sata port
first, optimize mysql (my.cnf) and php-apc or opcode
20sec to 10sec or maybe 5sec

secondary: cache plugin, super cache ot w3

mysql replication (master-master or master-sec) if u have 2 servers

and last
realy static plugin, pure html without database mysql for frontend (like
but not so easy admin (second url for admin backend)
freescale i.MX6q GK802 xubuntu 12.04, 1G ram, quad  , 729sec, 305.68 transaction/sec
Intel B820  xubuntu 13.10 , 47sec, 608 trans/sec
Just install (sudo apt-get install php-apc, when enable with php).
Your php source is same.

For PHP 5.4 use apc cache.
For PHP 5.5 use Zend OPCache.