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Thank you for your help,

I only want develop my own flash driver and test it; Means your answer that the only way is to add it into the linux kernel? Please, could somebody say me where can I the doc and specs from hardware find? I speak over the flash Addresse and how to programming.

Suggestions are wellcome.

General Discussion / Programming cubbie from usb, like arduino shields
« on: August 22, 2017, 07:03:16 am »
Hello comunity, I own a cubbieboard 2 and I would like to learn to program in assembler/c++ for ARM chips.

My question is: Is possible program the cubbieboard through eclipse/usb interface? Just like arduino.

Cubbieboard 2 has a Nand flash unity. I would like to learn how to programmieren and another codes there storen.

Thanks in advance.

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