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I would like to submit my wish for a new cubieboard that is meant to be used as a home server i.e. a NAS, mediabox, web server and things like that. I know that this can already be done by some older boards, but there has not yet been a dedicated board. For example a server board would not need things like HDMI video output, USB OTG, WiFi/Bluetooth, maybe even audio in/out, etc.

As you may or may not know, Allwinner recently released a new processor called "R40" with SATA support which is perfect for connecting a large hard disk i.e. a 3.5" 3TB HDD. The processor is basically a quad-core upgrade from A20. Perhaps this would be a perfect opportunity for a new R40-based board or maybe a SoC with basic server-oriented expansion connectors (SATA, GbE RJ45, USB, uSD and some GPIO)?


Whadda ya say, Mr. Tom Cubie?