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I am sorry I haven't answered any of your question, but I lost the interest in the Cubieboard v1 until
yesterday, when I seeked mine out of my spare-part box again, as I needed something to run a proxy server on...

And its still working fine  :D

Thankfully Debian Jessie still has some LTS support...

I haven't tried my wifi with it yet though....
If you are still into this, would recommend to install networkmanager. (If you have device settings in interfaces file, you need to set managed=true in /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf)

ssh is installed, but I cannot connect to it from my PC!  Anyone know how to get SSH to connect in?
Once updated to Jessie 8.8 I was facing the same issue.
The solution is quite simple:
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apt-get purge openssh-server
apt-get install openssh-server
I haven't investigated any further...

Debian GNU/Linux 8 "Jessie" for Cubieboard A10

I have made an up-to-date SD card image for A10 Cubieboard based on Cubian r7 with the intention to create a Desktop System with the best avaible support of all the Cubieboard hardware.

The system has been updated from Wheezy (oldstable) to Jessie (stable), while still using the latest Kernel made by - for the reason of compatibility, I am still using SysVinit instead of systemd.

I have compiled the sunxi/mali drivers and xf86fbturbo from source for hardware accerlation & less CPU usage, which leads to an overall better desktop peformance.

The LXDE Desktop with some basic software comes preinstalled.

I think the majority of those who still have the inital Cubie in use, do have some headless setup.
But as Cubian torrents are dead I am going to share this for those who might want a Desktop...

Screenshot (click to enlarge):


For users root & cubie: cubie


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