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Thanks Pat, I verified that with your kernels it works. The problem for me is that I was using a kernel made by Voyage ( look under the tab "Supported Boards") which is supposedly optimised for running mpd.

#: uname -a
Linux voyage-mubox 3.4.43+ #11 SMP PREEMPT Thu Sep 5 00:04:37 CST 2013 armv7l GNU/Linux

I realised that it doesn't have the acpi service enabled.


As a part of project I am working on I need to switch on and off a cubie2 through a mechanical switch, that could be connected to a pair of I/O pin. Another possibility could be to use the existing on board switch, which is used to re-power the board after a shutdown.
As far as I understand this on board on/off switch, when pressed more than 4 secs, simply interrupts the power to the board.

I am wondering if it exists any built in mechanism in the kernel to issue a proper shutdown instead?



I had the same problem, which is due to how gcc threats inline functions. I solved it by installing gcc version 4.6 (apt-get install gcc4.6).

Hope this can help.
As far as I know CNC equipment typically use parallel ports (or, more recently, USB), which has a female DB25 plug. It is a I/O inteface (
In theory it should'nt be impossible to map a set of the cubieboard I/O pins to mimic a real parallel port.
A proper driver shuld be written, as I don't think it exists already, and some HW buffering/level translatiion must be provided.
In my opinion, from a pure HW point of view, it is preferable to use an USB to parallel converter. The need for a driver however remains.


The same here. I have used windows DiskImager. The card doesn't boot even if everything seems to be OK: both partitions are readable and the content of /boot appears to be what it should.
Hi Pat, is there any means to test the video decode functionality brougth in by the cedar driver?

Thanks for the great work.
You can keep uboot and script.bin. uImage IS the kernel; so you have to replace it with the new image.
Cubieboard v2 Hardware (A20 Based) / Re: Sata HD
September 01, 2013, 04:25:42 pm
With Cubian 3.4.43 it works OK. I even put the root filesystem on a sata partition without any problem.
For a 500 GB 2,5" 2 amps are enough.
Beginners / Cubie2 video resolution
July 21, 2013, 03:53:11 pm
I got my cubie2 a couple of days ago. It works perfectly using different distributions: the preinstalled Android and various Linux flavours, both in nand and in the SD card.
There is however a problem I am not able to solve for any of them regarding the console's video resolution that remains fixed to 720p.
This is not good for me, because I cannot use a standard 1080p DVI monitor I own.
I have tried all the methods I have found in the forums, i.e. to change script.bin (via sunxi utils), to modify boot.ini or uEnv, at no avail.
Using the last ubuntu image (1.04 beta1) I got the cubie logo on the screen for a couple of seconds, then nothing. I have also tried to set the new mode by using the command "fbset", after adding the missing mode to /etc/fb.modes.

Is there somebody who has solved this problem?