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Trying to make a good web server with Owncloud as well.  I had no problems getting a Raspberry to do it but those are really slow.  I've gone through a bunch of builds trying to find a good Cubie2 build that can load the necessary apps but all fail when downloading Apache2 or php5 due to missing directories (when they reach dead date they delete the directory). Even the only SD image fails because of this.  Is there any build that is supported well enough to do a LAMP and OwnCloud?

So I got a new cubieboard2 and was trying to install lamp (apt-get install lamp-server or even just apache2 or php5) for ubuntu but it starts erroring 404 because http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/dists/quantal is not there.  Is there a reason why that directory is unavailable?

This happened when attempting apt-get install apache2