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Quote from: ponyatov on June 09, 2015, 03:23:11 am
I'm interested in wearable device (or smartphone) with minimal Linux system inside (kernel, libc, libSDL, and some wireless interface to main android phone) for organizer functions: todo list with reminders, clock.

What device do you recomend to use as hw platform ?

Does any plans for cubiewatch ? Something like Pebble Watch with minimal wearable OS not overloaded by JavaVM, JavaScript, VM, decorators, .xml ...  -- linux kernel, microusb host, some wireless and C++ native-only SDK ?
And b/w eink screen -- for free use on direct sun lighting.

have a look to is a complete linux system in only 25x53mm
General Discussion / Re: 4-port ethernet?
June 12, 2015, 04:50:49 pm
Quote from: rgmhtt on December 22, 2013, 07:55:45 pm
Is it possible to add 4 ethernet ports via one of the development boards?  And have them recognized by Fedora?

I want to make a few router/firewalls and I need 1 WAN and 4 LAN ports (and those LAN ports will be VLANed to boot).

Of course it the option is more than 4 ports, I will take it!

what about cubieboard plus 4 lan as in the picture?
see at and
Other / error: red rectangle with green area at boot
November 16, 2014, 05:41:11 am
Im trying to bo a new uSD i did, but it happens that I get black screen, in the middle a red rectangle partially filled with green at the left corned (see ascii art) after that cubie just flash the green led and nothing more.

|                                                                                      |
|                                                                                      |
|                      _____________________               |
|                      |GREEN                                 |               |
|                      |GREEN______________|               |
|                                                                                      |
|                                                                                      |

I suppose this rectangle is some king of error message, but i don't understand the meaning.

Any ideas?
Price should be around 20-25Euro. There is a lot of manuality to prepare it:

- SATA plug is 180 degree routed and pins must be reversed by hand,
- printed circuit must be done and cut
- red plate must be cutted and holed (with right conic degree)
- support for SATA plug (you don't see in picture: they are fixed to the 2 little screws upper in 1st picture )
- precision in hand soldering is needed (i don't to it, a skilled man provide for)

this is a prototype and works well, but i am thinking to do another version more fast and cheap to be done (i.e. to do the red plate with 3D printer).

about "column of cubies": this HDD support is not made with that scope in mind, the final scope is the second picture you see (HDD+PremoBoard+Cubieboard). I had 2 little rectangular plexiglass plate screwed to HDD to act as "feet" and avoid HDD stands directly on table.

PS: i see you "column of cubies". an alternative is to take a "block" (block = cublieboad+fungoboard), rotate it 90 degree (so the cubie double usb ports "looks the sky") and create a support to take blocks in that way. my 2 cents.
I was tired by long cables snaking around my cubie, so i develop a support board for HDD 2.5''.
It minimize the volume and can be easely addedd to cubieboard.

Here how it is alone

and here together with PremoBoard and Cubieboard

The used volume is minimized, no extra wires around, all acts as a compact block.

A couple of prototype works well, we are planning to offer for sale. Came to for details.
We hope to start indiegogo in a couple of weeks, this means that very probably we cannot start production in dicember 2014, but at beginning of 2015 :-(

We tested CUBIAN X-1 (the version without GUI) and it works well, all devices pops ups immediately (but it is necessary install the non-free firmware with 'apt-get install firmware-ralink').

CUBIAN works well on uSD but in our pre-production pieces we added a SATA HDD 2.5'' and moved the OS on disk using the script.

Chipset wireless is TR5370, 54Mb/s. Last test report 2.6MB/s using ftp on wireless, it is "G". External antennas are included in the price.

The price: 79Euro (no wireless), 89Euro (one wireless) or 99Euro (two wireless).

To make it easy, on Indiegogo we will offer only 2-wireless version, but if you are fast to order, you can pay it only 33 or 66 Euro.

In general, you can ask to have version with no or with one wireless in function of your need.

Ah, yes: PremoBoard is designed to plug on cubieboard face-to-face or back-to-back, it means that one cubieboard can carry 2 premobaord at the same time (one face, one back) for a total of 5LAN, 4WIFI, 9USB: we don't know who can need all these ports, but it is possible to have.

Last, i don't understand the sentence "Actually I would want an FXS port as well" because i don't know what do you mean with "FXS".

THese are mine "desktop"

more info at

PREMOBOARD (PB) is a compact expansion board (6x10cm) that allows:
- 2 wireless ports (both configurable as Access Point)
- 2 LAN ports (10/100)
- 4 USB ports (2.0)

PremoBoard is designed to work as an expansion of cubieboard A10/A20, (anyway it can be controlled by any system via USB port)

FAQ, photos and futher info at
Introduce yourself / Premoboard is here!
October 29, 2014, 05:08:56 am
I am PremoBoard.
Premoboard is bot my nick but also a expansion board designed to fit on cuboeboard A-10 and A-20.
Premoboard gives you 4USB, 2LAN and 2WIFI to expand your cubie, have a loot to for further details.