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Nand-part script is not reachable anymore...

Cubieboard v2 OS (A20 Based) / Nand-part disappeared from the server
« on: October 20, 2016, 07:55:44 am »
Hi! I woul like to notify you that the patrick wood's script to partition the nand memory is disappeared from the server!
It is needed to install Ubuntu Core 14.04
Cubieboard is a nightmare i neither can to install a decent version of ubuntu! Not new, decent!

About the forum / not reachable
« on: September 23, 2016, 10:06:01 am »
I think that wouldn't be reachable....i was trying to install nand-part with wget but i cannot reach the server...

I'm compiling Android with the 3.4.39 kernel using the source available at this link (the cubieforums one):
Could you tell me how to enable integrated touch controller? Are there some modules should i enable?
I'm compiling the kernel right now...

I'm trying to recompile Andorid..
Actually I'm downloading the source code from
Do you know waht version is it? (I hope 1.08...)
How could i enable the RTP controller and touch screen when compiling the kernel (i suspect)?

I'm pretty novice about Android...but i used Linux for some years studing computer science... but i'm not "the guy who got the touch working on X11" unfortunately!  :D

Greetings! @lex showed me this interesting post. I'm trying the img he shared... but i made a mistake: i thought my tft would be an lvds but i see that my driver board (the tft's driver board) doesn't have lvds input (only output) so i have to use a standard output Hdmi or vga... i tried (at my risk) to use the image (through the hdmi port)  but it hangs loading the settings of the touchscreen continues indefinitely...what's the "unexpected may happens"? Wouldn't be possible to use hdmi or vga instead of lvds?
Thank in advance

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