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Has someone been able to compile VLC with cedar acceleration on this distrib?
Posted there

Did try to use cedrus (vpau) with a light X, but did not work either.

Would be awesome to support hardware acceleration for video decoding.

Awesome work anyway.

I'm looking to build a working 14.04-ubuntu server starting from a core install, then adding VLC (gpu-accelerated via cedar or vdpau) and MALI drivers (for chromium gpu-accelerated).

So far, I've successfully built and booted on a 14.04 Ubuntu Core image using:

- u-boot-sunxi-with-spl-cb2-20130111.bin


- ubuntu-core-14.04-core-armhf.tar.gz

It worked out of the box thanks to this tutorial :

The OS looks stable and quite fast, should I worry about specific things with this setup ?

For now, I'm looking for help to correctly setup the cedar_dev module/device to make the board play HD videos with GPU acceleration with the smallest payload. I've already built VLC with cedarX support successfully in the past, would like to try the open-source version that uses vdpau (would not require a custom VLC build if I understand correctly).

So far I'm having no modules, I guess it's because I need a patched kernel (patwood's?) ? (quite a *nix noob, sorry). Or can it be done in userland with ?

Tried to replace the uImage with the one from patwood's A20-kernel-3.4.79.tar.gz but I did not see a change. Would really like to have a link to a tutorial on this, so far I haven't found that.

Any news on a stable overclocking config for CBII?
Is it possible to flash this image on the nand? Using livesuit?
Any other feedback regarding stability issues (I'm currently using server-13.09-v1.06)?
Out of curiosity, do you get the original image from Do a generic image there work with your patched kernel?

Tried with another SD-card today, and it works.
That's it, Tried "sunxi_cedar_mod" and "sun4i_cedar_mod"!

I get an error "mmc0 host does not support card's voltages" on boot when using this image:

Nothing in /dev after boot.

The card is working just fine on any other device. Any idea?
I'm trying to get hardware-accelerated VLC built & working on a clean nand server image.

I'm using this image:

Followed this tutorial ( and successfully built VLC,

My issue is that I don't have a `/dev/cedar_dev`(or anything that looks like it).

Any idea?