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 ;D ;D

dirty diys  ;D

I use a faulty SAI/UPS box for my experiment all inside.
*) power supply like http://www.dx.com/p/t-36-12-12v-3a-36w-led-switch-power-supply-adapter-silver-312246#.WLYEzRC5JTE (and regulated to 12v.)
*)power cubie adapter with a cable soldered in botton of usb ports for power my cubie
*) base breadboard for cubie for my diy gpio tests and call a poweroff/restart/backup script from button.
*)hdd tb.
*)usb temper for check inside box temperature with a script.
Hi, I have cubi1 and cubi2 with cubieboard adapter 12v for sata/hdd 3.5 and filesystem in hdd with armbian installed, and usb-2.1/1.7mm conector from adapter for power cubies, and a power supply of 12v3A.

cubie2 with WD green, cubie1 with seagate disk

and cubie1 with seagate didn't work well, and finally discover

the special cable usb-2.1mm conecttor  that power cubie from the adapter was the cullprit!!

it worked well without hdd attached, only sd card, but when conected 5v from cubie to hdd, hdd wasn't stable,
because a think of thin usb cable wires.
if I connected from a usb-hdd box worked ok.

I maked a "diy witdh cable" for power my cubie from the adapter and works very well now.

you can check this, if your cable is not powering efficient cubie and 5v for hdd from the adapter.
Beginners / Re: Volumio and Android can live together?
February 25, 2015, 07:59:55 am
yes, you can install android on Nand, and have a SD card with your debian Volumio...

then if you put sd card and power on load Debian.
if you take off sd card you can boot with android on Nand.
thanks for share
woow atckk2000, sorry I forget that I had replied this thread ... and  how help you more.

you did the same I did ;)  and now is more clear here and best explicated for future.

great work been here  ;)
I will try. downlaoding

I only use mu cb1 as samba server. you tried?

any thing that could be good,

is ssh enabled or static ip assigned?

thanks in advance
Projects / Re: Cubieboard 2 as home server, done
May 05, 2014, 05:59:48 pm
yeahh, i'm making practically the same,

i will post my configuration when I finished,

but now, i have madsonic, samba, transmission and vsftp working very well, not fast but for my needs at home very surprised.

hi install a 'terminal ide' and 'busybox', and check your 'dmesg'  after/before when you plug your game pad and check what driver is load or not. if not this is the problem..

try tu put your usb joystick in a linux machine and check what drivers are load. my joystik is a pantherlord (chinesse dual ps2 clone)

in other device like cubieboard (mele a2000) months ago I 'll have to compile the driver and load with insmod for play two players retro games like snes and neogeo in android ;).
(I think that you will have to create also a new joystick keyboard layout. generic.kl  for android (find ind google is easy,  but with your id gamepad)

when the driver is load with joytick center you can map buttons because not all games can play jostick and mapping joystick to keyboard keys is the clue.

try ;)
About the forum / Re: Attempt to steal the board
February 27, 2014, 09:58:08 am
thanks lawrence for host this forum, i don't write much, but i read every day :) , I  liked.
thanks simon for your work, I don't know you, but you don't lie, because I read both in google cubieboard groups, and your freeforum before this forum started.

here is the begining of this forum: and the bless of tom include.

Simon could do thinks different or wait one more week, but he put a lot of time and effort for try to put this community in a good place and good feellings.

lawrence you are the owner but, here are there are people that now are connecting to this forum every day and not only 1 or 2 a week/month only. talk with simon, or answer to the community what needs be awesome to have, for improve more the stability of the daily user group.

regards from Barcelona.

Quote from: beerstein on January 06, 2014, 11:18:31 am
Hi: Very nicely done project. Where did you buy the power supply?
How much was it? Would it work with CT?

hi i brought it from alixpress, is a cctv power supply 12v 3.5a i connect all in a 12v-5v converter from cubieboard.

there are more power suplies. that suite different kings of projects.

I use my cubie1 for a backup home files with samba, and run some scripts for rsync with other devices.

i put all inside a broken dvd ;).