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I'm playing around with Cubieez 2.2 for nand HDMI version on the cubietruck and have not been able to find a script to get the nand version to boot from the HD. I tried using the manual way in the resource files but that made the HD unusable i had to reformat

Does anyone have any ideas?
Before doing any updates, go to the start menu lower left and click on the preferences. Then right click on the "Synaptic Package Manager" and add it to your desktop.

This will allow you to fix the problem after doing the updates. After you have done the updates and now have the flashing white task bar, simple click on the "Synaptic Package Manager" and upgrade the Lxpanel then reboot 
Fixed it for now. :)

Was able to fire up the Synaptic Package Manager.

Then did a search for lxpanel and when I right clicked it the menu included the option to upgrade.

Did this and got the task bar back after a reboot.

Life is good
Loaded up Cubieez 2.0 onto my CB2 and did the updates and upgrades. Everything seemed to be working fine until I installed LibreOffice. Now I get a flashing white task bar. It seems to be something related to the autostart file. It also happen after I reloaded everything and trying installing the X-Screensaver extras.

when I cd /etc/xdg/lxsession/LXDE and then run sudo leafpad autostart, I can change the line to read @lxpanel --profile (deleat stuff here) and it will boot up fine but without a task bar.

Any ideas?
I've actually have a working server up and running using a cubietruck. Here I will be documenting what I had to do to get it up and working. For those of you who are the experts on the subject take a look and let me know where I could improve it. It's just up so I have along ways to go. I've gotten alot of help here so maybe I can give a little back.


Thanks Dave C
 ;D You saved the day, thanks. I had tried some of the fixes for the other images but they all seem different from each other as to what files are called and where they are.
Downloaded the latest aRuntu 1.001 and got it to boot on my CT. only problem is the the settings seem to be locked to 1280X720 at 50hz and I cannot change them. so the screen looks funky. anyone know where I can go to manually change this instead of trying to use the gui.
Was able to down-load and play with this one, so far this one has gotten me closer to a full working Linux system. But I did come across a problem that maybe someone can help me with.....
As with a some of the other distro's this one uses linaro to log in and for the password, when I try to add another account using "User Account" settings, and with administrator rights. Linaro disappeared and I get a "UTF-8" Error. I never got to the point of being able to into the new password for the new account. Sooooo some odd things take place when trying to log in. I was trying to get ride of the Linaro log in and just have mine
BUT on a good note........I was able to move everything over to a small (120 g) HD I bought for 20 bucks, the system came up with it's own update alert which worked, I was able to load LibreOffice and a couple of other programs with no problems and Ubuntu extras with no problems noted. Even was able to load and get running "ElectricSheep" but only in a windowed format, but it worked!!!!!!
I really appreciate the hard work the few are doing for the many, I'm trying to get up to speed on the designing end of thing, but so far I'm still a user/noob even though I'm using both Manjaro(1.5yrs) and Ubuntu(4yrs) on three computers at home.
Android / Kitkat 4.4
November 27, 2013, 12:31:59 pm
Has anyone been able to get their hands on the new 4.4 android system and start moding it for the Cubie boards? ;D