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what will happen, when I erase the NAND?
Can I boot from the sd card as before, when the NAND content is destroyed?

Thanks in advance

Cubieboard v3 OS (Cubietruck) / Can't see the eMMC on CT
« on: March 29, 2017, 05:00:53 pm »

I bought a Cubietruck and installed latest Archlinux with newest u-boot (2017-03) and linux kernel (4.10.6). Both compiled by myself on an ARM based linux machine. I can boot Archlinux from SD card but can't see the eMMC (NAND) in "/dev" tree. Only 'mmcblk0' and 'sda' are available. Android rises, when I boot CT without the SD card.

Can somebody help me. I think, I've forgotten something to configure in the kernel.

Thanks in advance,

Dear Sirs,

I'm a experienced computer scientist and do many "things" with arm based embedded systems (developer boards like Beaglebone Black, Pandaboard ES, Lemaker Guitar and NVIDIA Jetson TK1 under linux.
Few days ago I bought a Cubietruck Pus for a small private "project" and have many problems because there is not enough documentation for this board and linux running on it!
Resulting questions:
  * Could you publish the source code for cubie-uboot and cubie-uboot-spl (on GitHub :: CubieBoard),
    because I don't have any x86_64 based PC! I found an A80 version of these tools on the GitHub,
    but they and the self compiled fex2bin abort with errors!
  * I'd like to get running the mainline kernel on the cb5. Which load addresses (for zImage, initrd and fdt)
    are to use in boot.cmd?
  * Are there some special kernel command line options/arguments for the cb5 board?
  * How to enter the u-boot prompt? (I tried to press the <SPACE> key, but without any success!

Kind Regards,

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