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Hi, i want to use the cubieboard as a CONTROLLER of a network of proprietary devices.

This devices communicates via RS485 network. so using a USB-to-485 device
i can have my program running on linux inside cubieboard and connect to Rs485 network
using tty* and send/receive data as a serial port. That is ok.

This CONTROLLER need to send data to a PC too, so i can connect to it via ethernet port.

But there is situations where thereĀ“s no TCP network ,
and the PC has to connect with the cubieboard(CONTROLLER) via USB port.

My question is , The MINI-USB can be used to power the cubieboard and to transfer data?

Inside the cubieboard linux this connection can be accessed via a tty device and send/receive
data like a serial port, just like USB-485 or other USB-to-Serial cable.

I need to know if i will need two cables to be connected to PC.
One to Power the cubieboard and other to transfer data as a serial port.
Or if using MINI-USB i will only need one cable and send/receive data as serial port?