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Beginners / How hard is it ?
August 21, 2015, 06:12:29 am

I'm looking for a mini-pc for a friend which is not a Linux user.
His aim is to plug his mini-pc discreetly to his video-projector, and using it to watch youtube/streaming videos, go to internet, check mail etc.

I'm interesting with the cubietruck because it seems that it's one of the most powerful mini-pc. I own a Raspberry, not the last version, but when I use it with the graphical interface it's a total mess.

So my questions are :
How easy is the cubieboard3 to use ? If I only want to use it to go to the internet and look at videos ?
Is there anyhting special that requires Linux experience you need to install in the first place ?
How fluid is the graphical interface ? Which OS is the best to use it ?
Is there any issue with the HDMI display and SATA interface ?