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Hi to all!!
I would play a full hd video on cb2 (A20) with vlc, but i get this:

[VDPAU SUNXI] VE version 0x1623 opened.
[b00576f0] vdpau_display vout display debug: using back-end sunxi VDPAU Driver
[b00576f0] vdpau_display vout display error: source video YCbCr format not supported

My OS is Cubiezz, kernel 3.4.79.

If I test same video on mplayer2 work fine with HW accelerate.

Could you help me?

I installed cubiezz debian 7.5-
It's support ap mode(with the RTL8188US) on this debian?

I tried, install hos tapd (0.8) and dnsmasq, I see the network (without key) but not able to connect it.

I tried same configuration on debian server image and work fine.

Nobody has tried the hotspot on this image??
It's is possible to load debian to a ramdisk at boot?
I need because the cb2 stay on 24/7
Beginners / Script.bin not work on nand
October 19, 2015, 04:52:43 am
Hi to all!

I try to modify the script.bin (linaro 13.04 on NAND), on the sd system work fine but on the NAND system is ignoring.

Look another  person have my same problem:

but not find a solution.. Can you help me??

the u-boot ignoring the script.bin? setenv is an help?

Hi to all!!

It's possible make a sd with linaro in read only mode :)? for prevent problems from lack of electricity, I don't find any manual on forum...

thanks at all
Hi to all!

It's possible configure the cubie2 as hotspot wifi?

I read and exexute this manual correctly:

but not work...

1)I seen the connection wifi but I not able to access, password incorrect why?

2) With an connection without password, I not able to access, smartphone or anything says "connection in progress..." in Loop... why?

Have you a experience with hotspot wifi??
Have you same my problem?

thank you to all and sorry for my poor english