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Raspberry Pi / Raspberry pi 2 vs cubietruck
July 21, 2015, 01:19:06 pm
Just wondering if anyone has done any speed tests between the two.

Currently using a cubietruck as the centre piece of my home network.  Apache / mysql / plex server / ampache / bitsync.

I was using an old raspberry pi 1 as a simple samba file share only.  Plex would read files from the raspberry and steam via the cubietruck to a nowtv plex client

All works perfect.

I want to add another usb hardrive to the network.  Cubie and raspberry usb are full.  Didn't fancy a usb hub so brought a raspberry pi 2 which has 4 usb ports.

Before i just swap the raspberry pi's I'm kind of wondering if the pi 2 is faster than the Cubie.  I know the memory is less but never saw it go over 700 meg used anyhow.



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