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Cubieboard v3 Images (Cubietruck) / Old images?
January 05, 2018, 07:49:37 am

I'm testing Cubietruck an I have binary images for flashing directly on MTD. However the downloadable images do not bring MTD any more up in /dev. Some of them give NAND but not MTD.

I suppose writing NAND and MTD is quite different.

My question is does anybody know where is at least one old enough SD-card image which would give support directly on MTD? Or is there any other easy way to do this? I did try to load MTD modules included in some Debian image, but it did not do the trick.
Software & Applications / Good web based music player?
August 11, 2014, 06:07:44 am
I have been playing around with Volumio for some time now. It seems to have some issues with multichannel audio. Volumio uses MPD and it just can't handle some mime types right.

So, is there an alternative available? Any suggestions? It seems to be that Mplayer handles different file types better, but is there a deasent webUI available for it?

Does anyone know is there any easy way to put coaxial S/PDIF in this device?

My TV takes last Toslink but there is still one coaxial available. It would be nice to have CT connected to the last one.

I know what it takes to build the connection if I only knew where to get the signal out best way.

Has someone already done this before?