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Gaming / Retroarch on Cubietruck
June 19, 2014, 06:24:33 am
Hi everyone.
When i firs got my retroarch i wanted to make an Retro Emulatios station out of it.
As it seems the RPi for example is much better supported for that kind of task as the Cubietruck though I took the chanlenge with a friend of mine (i just some kind of script kiddy)

I just wanted to report what i got so far and see if their are maybe more people willing to help to get it perfect:

My approaches:

1. Took the debian wheezy img as base

2a. Toyed around with "lima"

installed all sunxi binary and compiled retroarch with lima support though it wouldnt start.

then i took drivers from here https://github.com/tobiasjakobi/lima-drm which supposed to be for a simmilar device, my friend made some changed to the code that it would force it to use the framebuffer instead of the drm. It worked, i had retroarch running at great speeds though the screen is sometimes not alligned right (maybe fixable?)

2b. Toyed around with GLES

Ok it was good but still not optimal.
I tried the approach with GLES from what my experience so far is it only seems to work in an X environment.
So i made some basic X running (really only the X server, no window manager) and compiled some gles drivers for X.
This runs pretty good as well... though i have some tearing (just a little) on some games. and it seems you have to stick to low resolutions. Which is not the case for the lima approach as it dynamicly switches the resolutions.

I then found the disrtibution lakka.tv and it seems that would be a much cleaner solution but their are not that far done with the cubie as it seems.

Soooo this is just a quick overview. I just want to know if their more people intrested in this and may be willing to help. I can post more details to my approach or give you screenshots or whatever.

Love my Cubie!

Ah yes I have dosbox and scummvm running as well! For scummvm i compiled an old 1.3.1 version which seems to be the only one running for me.