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Projects / Cross Compile MongoDB for ARM
July 20, 2014, 11:20:59 pm
MongoDB is an document-oriented nosql server. Currently MongoDB(latest verstion 2.6.3) doesn't support ARM. I have a cubieboard, which is an arm-based mini pc. I want MongoDB to run on my cubieboard. Unfortunately, debian wheezy doesn't provide MongoDB package. I have to compile it myself. I tried to compile it ON my cubieboard, but compilation time was too long and at the end cubieboard didn't have enough time to generate mongod executable. My only choice is to cross-compile it and that's all what this blog is about. You can find more detail in

Also, I have provided my built MongoDB executable on the link above.

Every executable except mongo work fine. You may need another client as alternative.
My cb2 connects to a wired router and wireless router. After hours ( fewer than 24 hours) connected to the wireless network, my cb2 cannot send or receive any data through my usb wifi adapter and IP from wireless router DHCP is lost. I can see cb2 still connects to my wireless router by command iwconfig wlan0, but cannot acquire a IP from DHCP by command dhclient wlan0. I tried everything I can, but still cannot acquire a IP. At last, I have to reboot my cb2, after that everything is normal.

My wired network always works well, so I think this is a wifi related problem.

Chipset of the wifi adapter on my cb2 is 8188eu. My cb2 runs on cubian OS.
The Chinese Cubieboard forum is shutdown a few days ago. Does any body know why? And when will that Chinese forum return?
I'm using cubian. Cubian is very smart. When I insert a USB disk, it will be mounted automatically. However, USB is automatically mount with noexec bit set, which means I cannot run binary executable files on USB disk.
What should I do to configure cubian, so I can run executable files on a automatically mounted USB disk?