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Hello Everyone,

Based on, I have made a version of ffmpeg with that included.

I also tried with the proprietary cedarx library, but it need SUNXI_MEM in Kernel, which is less convenience and it was also complicated to have a proper implementation (Only bitrate constant?).

This open source version only support I Frame and constant quality with QP between 2 and 47.

To use it:

sudo modprobe sunxi_cedar_mod
./ffmpeg -y -i src.avi -filter:v pad="trunc((iw+31)/32)*32:trunc((ih+31)/32)*32" -pix_fmt nv12 -qp 20 -vewait 3600 -c:v cedrus264 -c:a copy -f avi dst.avi

The parameter vewait is only useful, when you're starting multiple instance of ffmpeg at the same time.

I have done this to use transcoding feature of mediatomb on my CT. I will put some details on my mediatomb configuration, but I am not done yet.

Would it be complicated to implement P-Frame?
Should I put this on Git? I never used Git except to clone source.
HW Decoding should be possible with vdpau-sunxi, but i not tried yet (and it will probably collide with the HW Encoder).

The binaries are compile with libx264 libmp3lame libfaac x11grab libpulse libv4l2, so you probably need the appropriate libraries. But it can be useful to encode from camera, or to try streaming Desktop ;)

Bye bye