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Hi all guys! I have a cubietruck with the original black case. I noticed that there is a space for a fan. I was wondering if it's usefull install a fan there with a rpm control. I use cubietruck for a personal vpn and the system isn't very loaded (10% cpu usage, 20% ram usage). I have just the "classic" heatsink on the CPU. I also would like to put a termal sensor on the heatsink, because lm-sensors doesn't found any sensors.

What do you advice to me? It's a good idea put a fun for my load system on the tight case? Or maybe I can easy leave the cubietruck there without nothing using it 24/7.

Thank you all!  8)

(sorry for my english)  :-[
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Hi guys! I'm very happy to partecipate on this forum! Everything about these boards is amazing! ;)

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