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I received an E-mail forwarded from E-mail content:

Hi All,

The Linux Foundation and Linux Gizmos are running (also) this year a survey on small-board computers,

This year they include 54 SBCs, out of which 12 are based on Allwinner SoCs,
a. Two from Olimex
b. One from SinoVoip
c. One from LeMaker
d. Three from CubieTech
e. Three from LinkSprite
f. Two from Shenzhen Xunlong Software

The result of the survey is to produce a Top 10 list based on popularity. The purpose of the survey appears to be to gauge interest in open designs of boards and get manufacturers to work towards that direction.

Here are the guidelines for the inclusion of a new board to the list,

If a company is producing developer boards and satisfy the requirements for inclusion, they can provide five boards to the Linux Foundation so that they are given away to those that took the survey. At this survey, there are four different boards to be given away and none has an Allwinner SoC.

Here is the survey,


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Hi all,

I have a cubieboard4 running Fedora-Minimal 21 use rootfs from .  it can boot successfully ,but i can't use ordinary user  login in . i try the command "su - cubie" when using super user ,it just print "Killed" ,can't change  user.

I'm curious  that what is process stop the operation  change user .i am't good at working on fedora system . :( 
Who can help me ? Thank you very much .

i want know the information about which video player you using most of the time  and which is the best  video player ? ;D

In order to  codec can be more useful  in cubieboard , we are working   to achieve .Thank you .
hello  ,i want know whether lubuntu support Sleep and wakeup through Power Enable Key(PEK)? Who can give me tips ? Thank you very much !
i found the distro of  cubieboard  can't sleep  ,it is die when i type "echo standby > cat /sys/power/state "

Sorry for my bad English .
Hello everyone , i have the SDK  from,2540.0.html can make a ext4 firmware ,but  i will to make firmware  of ubifs rootfs ,someone said ubifs better than ext4.  :-\ 

i can build-in the ubifs and mtd  ,i don't what to do next .
Who can give  me a tip ?  Thank very much  .