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Hi guys,

I'm trying to fix my old Cubieboard A10 which has a broken HDMI socket, so far I've managed to safely remove the component from the board, but I'm having trouble identifying a replacement part.

I did a search on ebay and this one seems very similar:


In any case, does anyone know or is able to confirm the correct component for replacement?

The rest of the board runs perfectly fine, this was an early early model I think and I had some power instability relating the HDMI socket - the board would disconnect/reboot depending on how the HDMI cable was connected, and at the time I tried fixing it and noticed the inner contacts of the socket were damaged somehow.

Thanks in advance!
Software & Applications / Qt5 build for cubieboard
March 09, 2013, 04:06:39 pm
New Project - Qt5Box

It's basically a Virtualbox Sandbox with (hopefully) everything you'll need to develop your Qt5 Apps on Embedded Devices.  8)
Qt5Box is the natural evolution from the broken/outdated links throughout the thread, for both older and more recent cross-compiled environment versions.

Want to test-drive Qt5Box?

Send me a private message here in the forum with a valid email address, so that I may grant access to the Box.com account hosting the files.

Update: 24-10-2014

Torrent solution running parallel to the Box.com distribution method > qt5box03.torrent

Update: 11-10-2014

Finally, Qt5Box v0.3 - Codename Isaac is already available, currently uploading it to the Box.com account!

Changes include:

  • All stable Qt5 versions from 5.0.0 to 5.3.2 cross-compiled for both X11 and Framebuffer, for each of the Cubieboard devices (Cubieboard A10, Cubieboard A20, Cubietruck)

  • GStreamer 0.10 + libsunxi-mali (video acceleration on GStreamer) available on the X11 Cubieboard A20 SD Card Image (haven't had the time to do it for A10 and CT as well, but it should also work)

  • Jenkins CI is installed in the VM and configured to do automated cross-compiles of Qt5 for the devices

  • I haven't tested all the library variations due to limited time on this but hopefully most/all of them will work properly - once I get to test them and also by having some feedback on things from you guys, hopefully in the next iterations of Qt5Box I'll get more of them tested and working

Update: 19-06-2014

Qt5Box v0.2 is already available, embedded target list includes:

- Cubieboard A10
- Cubieboard A20
- Cubietruck

As usual, both Framebuffer and X11 environments for each target, more details in the release notes.

Index - Most Relevant Posts (IMHO)

Cross-compiling Qt5 (Framebuffer)

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Framebuffer tweaks - blinking cursor + keyboard grab

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Framebuffer Tearing Effect (Vsync issues)

------------------------------- Legacy Stuff Begins -------------------------------

Update: 29-12-2013

Wow, about 9 months have already gone by...! At the moment, it's possible to natively compile or cross-compile Qt5 on cubieboard A10 and A20 using Mali libraries. Later posts on the thread have the steps I've taken, much with the help of the community and outstanding members like Patwood, ssvb and others.

I believe there is still much to be done, but so far things look great for Qt5 on cubie/linux!

Along the way I've purchased an A10, later on an A20 and since both are being used on other projects, I've recently placed an order online for a cubietruck and plan to pick up from there!

Happy New Year everyone!


I'm trying to build Qt5 on a cross compile environment, similar to what is available for Raspberry Pi and others,
so in the ./configure step I need the "device" information:

usually a set of files in the Qt5 workdir, under qtbase/mkspecs/devices. Raspberry Pi is already included but external references can be added.

Where can I get these files, for cubieboard?

As an example, raspberry pi has the following set in this mkspecs/devices:


-rw-r--r-- 1 wickwire wickwire 10245 Mar  3 00:55 qeglfshooks_pi.cpp
-rw-r--r-- 1 wickwire wickwire  1320 Mar  3 00:55 qmake.conf
-rw-r--r-- 1 wickwire wickwire  2009 Mar  3 00:55 qplatformdefs.h

I'm attaching the raspberry pi files to the thread for comparison

Thanks in advance!