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General Discussion / giving up
June 08, 2014, 07:40:39 am
after several attempts at doing thing with the cubieboard 2 and asking questions on here and so on and not coming up with much in the way of good results im going elsewhere. its sad to see this technology has a lot of potential but there's not enough people behind it making it work so im going for something else.

im disappointed to say the least but  i guess ill have to go with the masses and get something better with more support.
is there an android tv image for the cb2 or will the cb1 image work on the cb2 ?
i made a thread about bitcoin mining with cubieboard 2 bfg miner and miner asic's how to do it with full instructions but i cant find it any more and i need it!
i am looking to buy a wifi dongle for android and linux that would work with both of course and preferably not need to add anything extra to make it work. unless there is an easy how to so i could install the drivers.
i got my heatsinks for the cubieboard today they fit well see pictures.

the heatsink on the ram is offset and it doesnt cover the r am entirely, there iis a 1mm gap both sides but otherwise it fits very well. the cpu heatink is the perfect size.

i have several of these heatsinks and i will be selling these for cb1/2 (a pair). not sure about cubie truck yet i need to know about the ram chips. i believe there are 4 but are they the same orientation as cb1/2? if yes i could sell 3 heatsinks for cubie truck owners
General Discussion / is it me or?
February 28, 2014, 12:12:30 pm
is it that theres a ton of different linux images floating about of various different definitions and they keep getting updated instead of concentrating more on just a few and making them more updateable by performing a simple update without having to reflash the whole os again or even a different distribution.

i personally think cubian should be explored more and that worked with a lot more. theres a lot that can be done on a cubieboard but its getting it done is difficult especially when all these new os images come out/

or maybe ive got it all wrong ??
not sure if this is the right place to post this but here goes.....

what file system needs to be on a hard drive for the cubieboard to see it?

i want to find out for android and linux please. i assume ext4 on linux but is there one that both android and linux will be able to see?

also is 2100ma enough power for a ssd hard drive and the cubieboard 2? the cb2 powers up and runs android but because its a ssd drive i cannot tell if its running. i have it plugged into the cb2 with the supplied cable and i believe it takes something like 0.6a
can anyone tell me where i can get a video player for cubian desktop? i tried  the terminal commands for one in tips and tricks section but im stuck on the make bit im in the right folder it told me to cd to but it cant find make

so any image writers on windows have stopped working for writing linux images onto sd cards so i got linux on a virtual machine which is very difficult to use plus it keeps rebooting my computer!!

im getting very annoyed with this i need to get linux onto a sd card image but nothing is working anymore!!

i really cant understand why it suddenly decided it wouldnt work when using win32imager and suse doesnt work either in windows. and phoenix suite only works for flashing nand which i dont want to do.

i cant even get livesuit installed it keeps saying cant find it or your running debian not supported in linux.  i tried everything here http://linux-sunxi.org/LiveSuit

installed git after someone told me to then run that long list git clone etc and it stops and has ./LiveSuit.run on the terminal if i press enter it just says it cant find it.

the tools have been put in folders on there but i dont know what im doing and nothing seems to work.

i got myself vmware workstation and im running debian 7 on there. im trying to innstall livesuit and all my efforts have failed.

i can get a root terminal up and i type apt-get install livesuit.run and i get this see attached file
so far up until today every video file i put on a memory stock and plugged into my cb2 running android off nand it has played every file type going. however i have a file that is not playing sound and i tried looking in the settings and couldnt get it to work yet it plays fine on my pc via windows media player or vlc media player.

its an avi file dont know about codecs as none stated in the filename. is there any other siftware i can put direct onto android on the nand that will work slightly better than whats on there already? not keen on the idea of xbmc to be honest i cant get on with it, but other software i would be interested to know about.
my cb2 wont boot linux on my sd card? i have 2 cb2's same on both, i have tried 2 sd cards as well and still no joy it used to work but not now im lost?

ive tried a few different linux images unless im doing something wrong? but the software i use to write to the sd cards i have used before.

what may help is im not getting a small fat partition on the sd cards for some reason maybe this is something to do with the problem?
i cant get phoenixsuite to work with an sd card when i put my micro sd card into my card reader t doesnt see it. i have used phoenixsuite for nand android image that was fine but it wont work for sd card.

ive recently been putting linux images on 2 different sd cards and i cant get an internet connection to work on any of them. i know 1 or 2 of the linux images did used to work with internet but they dont no more. i have chaged isp but that shouldnt matter? it works find with android on nand.

i have 2x cb2 and tried 2 sd cards on both boards still no ethernet connection working. i tried enabling dhpc server is it? using the command sudo dhclient eth0 but it does nothing it just gives me the same prompt again in the terminal window
Accessories / do you want cb1 and cb2 heatsinks?
January 24, 2014, 02:42:16 pm
ive been looking for heatsinks for my 2 cubieboard 2's and having little luck but i have found somewhere i can get ones to fit quite well. We are talking 2 heatsinks both the same size one for the 2 ram chips and 1 for the processor including thermal sticky pads.

the problem is i have to buy in bulk to get them so i was wondering if theres a market for this? the heatsinks are 20 x 20 x 6mm so will fit in the simple clear perspex case without modification. of course they will fit the clu cooler i think perfect but across the 2 ram chips would be slightly small but would cover most of the chips leaving approximately 0.5mm either side

what game controller can i use to work on android 4.2.2 i think it is. i flashed nand with a recent android image works well playing movies better than xbmc.

next iwant to run a psx emulator and i need to  know what game controler will work i have one but its generic and doesnt work i need to find one that works.

thanks in advance
i currently run a nas drive connected to my router, it is also connected to my smart tv via usb but i cant run both at the same time. Prime example ideally id like to be downloading to my nas drive whilst watching a video from it via usb but it just wont do it.

so ive been on the search for a nas drive that would do both, but the closest ive got it a gauntlet patriot node which does wifi and usb. Sadly it wont do both at the same time either not powerful enough apparently.

so my question is can i run a cubieboard 2 that will run off both? i dont have my nas drive on all the time, i just put it on when i need it and i do realise iwill need a power supply for a hard drive if its connected to the sata port.

not entirely sure how i would connect the usb i can only guess using the otg port? and even worse im not sure how i would set up the network side of things either. im also going to need to be able to map the drive on my windows pc so i can access it of course and download to it when needed.

so where do i start? thats if it would work ?
i find most linux OS's work with my logitech k400 wireless keyboard and touchpad without having to do anything other than plug in the dongle and flip the on switch on the keyboard.

i would like to use it on android os, are there available drivers for it for android?

does anyone know what wires i can use off a pc power supply to power the cb2? if any?

i intend on running an asic setup which requires 2x 6 pin graphics card power plugs so i need a pc power supply to power it and i thought i may as well use the power supply to power the cb2 if at all possible?
i was thinking about getting another cubieboard 2 and using several assics on a powered usb hub to mine bitcoin/litecoin.

seems the most expensive parts here are the asics but i think it would be a good idea would it not? being the cubieboard would use less power than say a pc with a 500-800w power supply and some very expensive graphics cards.
after stabbing in the dark a fair bit i find myself back to square one :(

im back to the stage of what OS to use for my cubieboard 2

i want to play video files such as avi mp4 mkv you know the usual stuff.

a bittorrent client would be nice

im also wanting to use emulators for systems such as atari sega nintendo psx etc.

is it possible to connect to a nas drive? on my windows pc i map the nas drive in my computer then access it like i would any other hard drive.

wifi dongle, im going to need one but i dont want too much of a headache trying to get one to work so i need to know what my options are. ive seen one mentioned realtek rtl8188 seems like a good option?

my main storage will be a usb hard drive in a caddy powered seperately but i would like to learn about streaming also so i can learn how to access a drive and stream from it as i know ill be asked about this.

at this point anything else is a bonus. i have my cubieboard and a 16gb card to play with although i would consider using the nand. i connect the cubieboard power via pc (or on my other tv via the service usb port). i have a wired eithernet connection for now but it will need to go wireless